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Thursday, 25/05/2023
Manuela Bortolotto
Paolo noise

The well-known radio host Paolo noise is often associated with Marco Mazzoli, both among the most famous and loved voices on the radio scene. Charismatic and dynamic, dal April 17 2023 will participate as an official contestant in the reality show, The Island of the Famous.

Let's take a closer look at the shipwrecked protagonist.

Paolo Noide: the origins

Paolo Noise, born Paolo Federico Nocito, It is born in 1974 and more precisely on September 8 in Milan. Ever since he was just a child, Paul has nurtured a passion incredible for music and has always said that he never really wanted to study, so much so that his parents gave up on it.

Although he is very famous, we don't have any of Paolo information about his past or his family origins.

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Passion for music and career

As we said above, Paolo Noise has never talked about his past life because he has always preferred to keep his family away from the world of gossip. However, according to his stories, the passion for music has been inherent in him since he was just a child and his career will kick off when he is little more than a kid.

Starts to working at the clubs of the city and then landed on some local radio stations. 1999 will be the year of his rise to the professional level as he starts a collaboration with Match Music Tv. Here, he will have the opportunity to get noticed as a conductor and will find himself very often next to Fabio Alisei.

In 2002 he arrives in Rai where he will be the helmsman of a program that he will lead alongside his lifelong friend and colleague Marco Mazzoli. In addition to this television experience, the two also share the radio show Lo Zoo di 105, broadcast on Radio 105.

In addition to being a great professional, Paolo Noise is simpatico and we were able to notice him thanks to his telephone pranks and skits that animate and color the radio every day. Indeed, in the 2006/2007 season he is a sent of the satirical news, Striscia la Notizia.

In 2007 and 2008 he published his first album to then return to Radio 105. In all these years, Noise alternates between various radio stations, passing for example to Radio deejay. Between 2015 and 2017 we will find him in the casting of a program entitled Casting heads.

In 2016 he began to collaborate with Sky in a broadcast conducted by a Youtuber and from now on his career will be so varied that his notoriety will skyrocket.

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Private life of Paolo Noise

Paolo Noise is very famous, but we don't have much information about his most intimate sphere. In fact, he prefers to keep these two worlds separate. Despite this we know who he is married with Stephanie Caroli, public relations expert, sales manager and entrepreneur. She loves her wife very much, whom she married even 4 times.

The couple is girlfriend since 2010 and four years later they got married in Miami. These typical VIP weddings are not valid in Italy and it is for this reason that in 2018 she remarries in Scandiano, Stefania's hometown.

Paolo Noise's problems with drugs

During the third episode of the Island of the Famous, Paul he confessed that the wife saved him from a very difficult moment in his life. Marco hints (but we have no confirmation) that the friend has struggled and with a dependence da narcotic substances.

Let's take up a post by Paolo Noise on his social profile of the 2014 where he himself spoke of detoxication.

Paolo Noise: official competitor of L'Isola dei Famosi

The countdown to the new edition of The Island of the Famous has begun and on Monday, April 17, 2023, we will witness the disembarkation of the first castaways. In these days there is talk of nothing else and the official confirmations of the competitors. Among them we find Paolo Noise and the Italians can't wait to find out how he will fare on the island.

The forced abandonment of the Isola dei Famosi 2023

During the episode of the 22 Maggio 2023, Paolo Noise was due withdraw from the game due to ill health. Initially they were not specified, then later he gave clearer reasons during his broadcast "Zoo 105". Paul was hit by a significant pressure peak which led to his hospitalization. As a result, the doctor withdrew his ability to play the game again. The greeting with Marco Mazzoli, friends for 25 years, it was very touching.

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Curiosity of Paolo Noise

Unfortunately, we don't have much information about Paolo Noise (born Paolo Federico Nocito), also because he doesn't love share private life. Anyway, we discovered a few curiosity which not everyone knows. Here they are below.

  • The name Noise derives from a function of the old tape cassettes famous in the eighties;
  • It has launched a line of liquids for e-cigarettes;
  • He has his own line of watches and has a tattoo on his wrist that recalls the brand;
  • He has his own clothing line.

Social profiles of Paolo Noise

Paolo Noise is very active on social and below we report the links of its direct channels.

Image source: Mediaset Infinity
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