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Parking permits for residents in Naples, deadline 31 March 2019: how to renew

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The deadline for renewing parking permits for residents in Naples is the 31 March 2019. Here's how to renew and pay.

I residents of Naples they still have time for renew the parking permit for your car because the deadline is set for March 31 2019.

In this way it is possible to renew the validity of those coupons useful to park on the blue strips in areas of their residence. The operations are different depending on whether the user requests permission for the first time or if he simply has to renew it.

Let's see how to do it.

How to renew the parking permit

For who is already in possession of the coupon, renew online is convenient because the operation is faster and you can do it on the platform Smart Mobility Projects using your credentials. Recall that the online renewal is for those who have not changed the conditions for the release of 2018, ie the same income Isee, car, residence, etc.

If you have not yet registered on the site, simply send an email to infoautorizzazioni@anm.it.

Who requires permission for the first time, can pay by bank transfer (and not postal, no longer accepted), by debit card or credit card going to the offices allowed ANM of Municipalities I, II and V open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.00.

Who has the right to stop

  • Resident family nucleus: who requests the coupon must present the self-declaration indicating the family unit, the residence, the car data, the TASI and TARI payment of the previous year, declaration of non availability of parking space on public or private land. In addition, you must attach the Isee in original or authentic copy of the year for which you require the coupon, the copy of the vehicle registration with valid revision (original in vision), from which you must understand that the car is owned by one of the members of the family unit. Who declares, in self-certification, to be the owner of the house in which he resides, he must self-certify that he is in compliance with the payment of the IMU.
  • Nucleo domiciliato non resident in the Municipality of Naples: in addition to the self-certification and the copy of the vehicle registration document, with the declaration of domicile, a copy of the rental contract for the exclusive use of a registered home must also be attached.
  • Resident family nucleus in possession of self-registered company: in addition to self-certification with an explicit declaration on the absence of other cars owned by the family, must present a declaration of the company's legal representative attesting the assignment to their employee, in exclusive use, of the car in question or produce a copy of the contract rental / lease.
  • Resident family nucleus not holder of car and in possession of car on loan for use: must present the self-certification, supplemented by a declaration certifying the unavailability of other cars, the relationship of conjugal or kinship in a direct line of first degree or first degree affinity with the owner of the vehicle. The declaration of the car owner regarding the assignment in exclusive use to the applicant must also be attached to the self-certification.

ISEE rates and forms

To know all the tables with the ISEE tariffs and download the forms to fill out, consult the ANM website.

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