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Recipe of pasta and peas | Cooking in the Neapolitan style

Recipe pasta and peas

Pasta and peas is one of the most famous traditional Neapolitan recipes, enriched by the special touch of bacon!

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Prepared with tubes or other durum wheat pasta, short pasta with green peas is the typical dish of the Neapolitan tradition, which were used to prepare grandmothers already in ancient times.

With the patient help of the nephews, employees of the cleaning of peas from the pods, the Neapolitan houses were perfumed to party with this dish.

At the beginning it was a simple soup of peas and potatoes, sometimes prepared also with the pods and the skins, today it becomes a dish give enriched with delicious bacon and inevitable cheese scorzette.

Here are all the steps.

Preparation time for pasta and peas


  • 300 gr. of durum wheat pasta (like small tubes)
  • 1 / 5 kg fresh peas
  • 400 ml meat broth
  • 50 gr diced bacon
  • 1-2 parmesan zest
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a sprig of minced parsley
  • a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ white onion
  • grated parmesan to taste


Start separating the peas from their pods and passing them under running water. After having washed them well, you will need to start preparing the main seasoning by browning the onion cut into pieces in oil in a large pot. Add the bacon into cubes and brown until the fat melts. Brown the peas too and add the cheese zest and a little meat broth to cook.

Cook the peas for at least 30 minutes and, when ready, take a part of it and shake it, thus creating a cream sauce to be added almost at the end of cooking pasta. Drop the pasta, salt and pepper to taste in the pot with the broth and peas left, and cook for the minutes indicated on the package. Just before the end of cooking, add the cream of peas, chopped parsley and plenty of grated Parmesan.

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