Because Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria, the Social Investigator speaks


La love story born within the reality show GfVip seems to go through a period of turbulence. The couple, known for their transparency about their love life on social media, now appear to be in one difficult stage. This was highlighted by a recent tweet from the former contestant originally from Salerno, who expressed her disappointment that her partner refuses to appear with her in public.

The onset of the crisis

Lately, Antonella Fiordelisi shared a post on Twitter that read:

"It's not nice when the one you love refuses to be seen with you in public, is it?" She then specified that the reluctance of Edoardo Donnamaria to appear in public with her was out of respect for privacy.

"I'm too authentic for this social media," she continued, speaking of old friends reaching out to them as soon as they argued and Edoardo's refusal to appear. Her outburst sparked some criticism online.

Edoardo announces the breakup

After a few hours of silence, Edoardo publishes a Instagram story in which he clarifies the breakup. Also, post the story to pinpoint the location of him and ask for stay close to Antonella because he will surely suffer from the breakup. Regarding not appearing in his stories and posts, Edoardo explained that his ex-girlfriend often has difficulty dividing real life from social media.

Antonella Fiordelisi, directed in tears

Antonella, after breaking up, it appears completely destroyed in direct on Instagram. In tears the girl talks about how she feels humiliated from Edoardo's behavior and, moreover, she talks about how lonely she feels in a city different from her own and with no one who can be close to her.

Why did the story end? The Social Investigator speaks

THESocial Investigator, Alessandro Rosica, (@investigatoresocialofficial__) points out that Edoardo, at the beginning of his relationship with Antonella, was well aware of her proclivities, including her extensive use of social media. Now, it seems that Edoardo is feeling the effects of this aspect of Antonella's personality.

The Social Investigator notes that loving someone means not only appreciating their qualities, but also accepting theirs defects. But in this case, a "defect" of Antonella, her propensity to share a lot online, seems to have become a problem for Edoardo.

From this, the Social Investigator deduces that the report between the two it no longer feels as solid as it once did. She hopes she's wrong, but she notes that they only seem happy at times, with obvious tensions emerging otherwise.

Although Edoardo appears proud and satisfied in his Instagram stories, the Social Investigator notices that Antonella seems to be moving away. If Edoardo cannot accept this part of Antonella, it might be best for them to separate.

The Social Investigator concludes by saying that the current situation is not normal and that he sincerely wishes the best for Antonella.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile Edoardo Donnamaria
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