Giro d'Italia route in Naples and Giugliano, the stages

Giro d'Italia

Il Tour of Italy also includes a stop in the province of Napoli and in the city itself, offering a unique combination of challenges for cyclists and views breathtaking for the spectators. The transition will happen Sunday 12 May 2024.

The racing phase is characterized by a long stretch initial on fast, straight roads followed by a more technical final part and challenging, which tests the participants' skills with changes in slope and direction before ending in the beating heart of Naples.

The tour of Italy in Naples: the stages

The stage that crosses the province of Naples and ends in the city offers a mix of settings that vary from quiet country roads to urban streets in the heart of Naples.

The first part of the stage winds through areas characterized by fast roads, ideal for maintaining a high speed. As you approach the coast, the route becomes more technical and selective, with narrow roads that climb hills and wind along the coast, offering spectacular views of the sea.

The precise route to Naples and Giugliano in Campania

After the start, the cyclists face a series of locations that each have their own peculiarities:

  • Giugliano in Campania (Lago Patria): near Lake Patria.
  • Licola: quick passage in this residential area.
  • Cuma: historic archaeological area, famous for its ancient ruins.
  • Fusaro: crossing near the well-known location of Lake Fusaro.
  • Torregaveta: coastal area with sea views.
  • Monte di Procida: challenging stretch with panoramic roads offering views of the gulf.
  • bacoli: passage through the historic center of Bacoli.
  • Mofete: area characterized by vineyards and countryside.
  • Happy Arch: passage through the ancient Roman arch of Arco Felice.
  • Pozzuoli: entry into the lively city of Pozzuoli, famous for its amphitheater and volcanic activities.
  • Piazzale Vincenzo Tecchio: proximity to the University and the stadium of Naples.
  • I cheer: passage near the coast.
  • Via Giovanni Boccaccio: urban route that leads to the center of Naples.
  • Via Caracciolo: the last kilometers take place in the city, with a finish on via Caracciolo which culminates in a long and flat final straight, ideal for a breathtaking sprint.
  • Where: Naples and its province
  • When: Sunday May 12 2024
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