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Let's imagine having to evacuate nearly half a million people from the Phlegraean Fields in just 72 hours. It sounds like a movie, but that's exactly what it is the emergency plan prepared by civil protection for a possible volcanic eruption. Trains, buses and ships will all be mobilized for bring residents towards the "twinned" regions, in a coordinated effort that will involve all of Italy.

Even if today the risk of an eruption is remote, it is essential to be ready, hence the creation of the evacuation plan. Here are the details.

The current situation of the Campi Flegrei

The Campi Flegrei volcano is currently classified as yellow alert level. This means that volcanic activity is down close observation, but there is no imminent danger. The next level, Orange, would entail the evacuation of hospitals and the voluntary removal of the population.

Only with the red alert, foreseen in case of “phenomena that indicate a pre-eruptive dynamic”, the complete evacuation of the area would be triggered, involving over 481 thousand people.

What the local authorities say

Il mayor of Bacoli, Gerardo Josi Della Ragione, underlines the importance of distinguishing between bradyseism and volcanic risk. Bradyseism, which causes the ground to rise accompanied by frequent earthquakes, is a different phenomenon from volcanic eruption.

Today we are experiencing the bradyseismic crisis, which does not involve mass evacuation, but the possibility of implementing resilience processes, and that is what we are doing.

Josi Della Ragione

The national evacuation plan

The national evacuation plan will be tested in October with a large exercise on volcanic risk organized by civil protection. Every affected area, including Pozzuoli, Quarto, Monte di Procida, Bacoli, some neighborhoods of Naples and part of the municipalities of Marano and Giugliano, is combined with an Italian region. The destination regions will have to prepare detailed plans that include first reception points, accommodation, health care and guarantee services such as administrative and educational continuity.

The evacuation in case of red alert of the areas immediately near the Campi Flegrei

In case of red alert, the citizens of Campi Flegrei they would have three days to leave the area. The plan provides for evacuation by train, bus and ship to the regions "twinned".
The inhabitants of Pozzuoli they would be headed in Lombardia, those of bacoli between Umbria and Marche, while the residents of Monte di Procida they would go in Abruzzo and Molise. The inhabitants of Fuorigrotta they would, instead, be welcomed into Lazio.

  • Pozzuoli: Lombardy
  • bacoli: Umbria and Marche
  • Monte di Procida: Abruzzo and Molise
  • Fuorigrotta: Lazio

The main destinations

The largest number of displaced people is destined for Lombardy, where approximately 77 thousand residents of Pozzuoli will find refuge. The expected arrival stations are Milano Centrale, Rogoredo and above all Rho Fiera, thanks to its proximity to the Sacco and Galeazzi hospitals, and connections with the high-speed railway line, the metro and regional transport.

The estimated cost for the reception is approximately 65 euros per person, with a total cost of over five million euros per day.

The other regions have also prepared detailed reception plans:

  • Marche and Umbria: they will welcome the residents of Bacoli, with a distribution of 63% and 37% respectively.
  • Abruzzo and Molise: destinations for residents of Monte di Procida.
  • Puglia: ready to host around 30 thousand people from the Pianura district.
  • Calabria and Basilicata: They have updated their plans since 2019.
  • Sicilia: it will welcome almost 40 thousand displaced people from the neighborhoods of Chiaia, San Ferdinando and Montecalvario.
  • Liguria: is preparing the reception program.

Here is the summary of the destinations and the number of displaced people:

  • Pozzuoli: 76.952 will go to Lombardia
  • Giugliano in Campania: 8.653 will go to Bolzano
  • Chiaiano: 4.943 will go to Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Arenella: 9.651 will go to Veneto
  • I succumbed: 45.657 will go to Emilia Romagna
  • Bacoli: 25.410 will go to Marche
  • Mount of Procida: 11.929 will go to Umbria
  • Plains: 58.240 will go to Puglia
  • Fuorigrotta: 71.213 will go to Lazio
  • Vomero: 27.378 will go to Valle d'Aosta
  • Marano of Naples: 13.467 will go to Liguria
  • Bedroom: 41.290 will go to Toscana
  • Posillipo: 23.548 will go to Sardinia
  • Chiaia, San Ferdinando: 39.463 will go to Sicilia
  • Bagnoli: 23.149 will go to Calabria e Basilicata
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