Piazza del Gesù in Naples becomes a Pedestrian Area: here are the streets involved

Piazza del Gesù in Naples
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Finally Piazza del Gesù in Naples and the surrounding streets are transformed into a Pedestrian Area in August!

From Monday 17 August 2020 the area of Piazza del Gesù in Naples becomes a Pedestrian Area, adding to the other pedestrianized areas of the city.

This beautiful area of ​​the historic center of Naples, therefore, it passes from the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) to a Pedestrian Area thanks to the resolution of the Deputy Mayor Panini with responsibility for Local Public Transport, the Councilor for Heritage Clemente and the Councilor for Commerce Galiero.

Not only the Piazza area, but also the surrounding areas will be pedestrianized. Here they are in detail.

The Pedestrian Area of ​​Piazza del Gesù

Specifically, the streets of the new Pedestrian Area are as follows:

  • piazza del Gesù
  • via Benedetto Croce (taken from piazza del Gesù and via Santa Chiara)
  • via Dominic Capitelli
  • via Cisterna dell'Olio
  • vico II Oil Cistern
  • vico III Oil Cistern

The advantages of the Pedestrian Area

The establishment of the Piazza del Gesù Pedestrian Area, which will be definitive, will bring various advantages, as well as the other pedestrianized areas in the city. There will be positive effects on the environment because pollution will decrease, the area will be experienced mainly by pedestrians and cyclists, thus improving the quality of urban spaces, and there will be greater development for traders.

In this way, the area should also redevelop from the point of view tourist.

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