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Pink Floyd Legend at the Augusteo Theater in Naples: Atom Heart Mother concert [Review]

Pink Floyd Legend

The Pink Floyd Legend staged Atom Heart Mother and other masterpieces at the Augusteo Theater in Naples. Here is the review.

Monday November 5 2018 the magnifico concert of the Pink Floyd Legend al Augustan theater of Naples, a real experience in the music of the great English group. The Italian tribute band has staged a beautiful musical show, Full of scenic effects of lights and colors, which made us travel among the most beautiful songs of Pink Floyd, bringing on stage also an orchestra with choir.

The show was one stage of the Atom Heart Mother Tour in which the Italian tribute band, the most important in our country, has performed live the orchestra suite that gives the title to the album of Pink Floyd, one of the music masterpieces of the 70 years. A perfect one fusion between rock and classical music that the group has been able to stage in a masterly way.

The concert was divided into two parts alternating excerpts from the most significant albums of Pink Floyd, including The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals and the Atom Heart Mother itself, and in the second part the orchestra entered the scene.

The scenography: a riot of images, colors and special effects

The set design reproduced a typical concert of the band, with the characteristic large circular screen in the background that broadcast videos used by the same Pink Floyd in concerts, images of political denunciation, scenes from the movie The Wall, interviews and many special effects. There were, of course, incredible visual effects like colored circular lights, laser that came to the public and mingled with a faint smoke that gave a dreamlike atmosphere, and unmissable props.

In fact, during the execution of "Pigs (three different ones)", taken from Animals, it appeared from the wings on famous giant pig usually used by the English group for denounce, through a series of writings on its surface, the damage of the wars, the danger of some politicians or the divisions that often lead religions. Similarly, the Pink Floyd Legend wanted denounce the international political situation current by running images of Donad Trump, but also, in later stages of the show, photographs of some of our representatives.

During the show, the inflatable of the master, to denounce the school system, and a small plane that flew from the ceiling on the stage.
In short, in the space of a theater a show was very well recreated that has been able to recall the Pink Floyd shows.

The show: a journey through the masterpieces of Pink Floyd

The concert started immediately in an incredible way with the opening entrusted to a masterpiece, "Shine on you crazy diamond", which inevitably sent the audience into raptures, to continue with other great songs like T, with his incredible solo, e The great gig in the sky, in which one of the singers has been able to perform the long with great transport and talent vocal solo that characterizes it.

Proceeding with exciting pieces, such as "Wish you were here " with images in the background Syd Barrett, o Mother, played with the chorister, we reached the end of the first part, concluded with the piece Pigs (Three different ones).

The second part opened witharrival on stage of the orchestra who accompanied the musicians in various songs up to the first song from Atom Heart Mother, Summer '68, an tribute to Richard Wright, author of the song and multi-instrumentalist Pink Floyd who has left us in the 2008. To follow, finally we have been able to immerse ourselves in the magnificent suite for Atom Heart Mother choir and orchestra, which the tribute band has performed with passion, reproducing it in an engaging way, exciting the audience.

The concert then ended with four tracks from The Wall, Nobody Home, Vera, Bring the boys back home and the long-awaited Comfortably Numb, whose famous solo dragged the whole audience into intense emotions.

Pink Floyd Legend in Naples


During the interpretation of the pieces, alternating with the voice were Fabio Castaldi e Alessandro Errichetti, respectively bassist and guitarist who "played" Roger Waters and David Gilmour, singing in turn the songs of the two founders of Pink Floyd. Together with the other members, Emanuele Esposito, Paolo Angioi, Simone Temporali, Michele Leiss and the three singers Martina Pelosi, Sonia Russino e Giorgia Zaccagni, have been able to stage a beautiful show that has fully earned the price of the ticket.

They knew how to give the right value and do justice to a masterpiece of Pink Floyd, like Atom Heart Mother, but also to all the other songs played. Finally, the set of special visual and sound effects and precise executions have made the evening unforgettable.

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