Pizza Figliata al Borgo 2023 with tastings of typical local products


In province of Caserta, the picturesque village of Pignataro Maggiore comes alive with the celebration of its famous Figliata Pizza Festival. This gastronomic event, scheduled on And 2 3 December 2023, promises to delight the palate with its stellar dish: the Pizza Figliata, a local culinary treasure. The event, which starts at 18.00 pm via Castelluccio in Partignano, promises an immersive culinary adventure in the heart of tradition.

Pizza Figliata and other local products

Get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic journey Figliata Pizza Festival di Pignataro Maggiore. Here, the Pizza Figliata, a jewel of the local table, is served in all its glory, accompanied by an assortment of regional delights. Guests will have the opportunity to taste this unique delicacy, made following ancient recipes, and to discover a variety of flavors that represent the richness of the cuisine of Caserta.

La Figliata Pizza Festival it is not only an ode to taste, but also a celebration of entertainment and culture. The organization of the event is handled by Celebration Committee of San Vito Martire and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 2024, From '“Arianova” Cultural Association and The Workshop of Love. Guests can expect an array of activities and shows that will add a touch of liveliness and fun, making the experience even more memorable.

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  • Where: Pignataro Major, Caserta
  • When: from Saturday 02 December 2023 to Sunday 03 December 2023
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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