Poggiomarino Street Food Fest 2019, the great street food festival

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At Poggiomarino Street Food Fest 2019 two days dedicated to street food and fun

Il 21 and the 22 September 2019 a poggiomarino the fourth edition of the Poggiomarino Street Food Fest.

The Poggiomarino Street Food Fest is a food and wine festival designed and promoted in order to make one of the great riches of our culture known and appreciated: street food.

But not only that, because Street Food Fest wants to be open and receptive at the same time as compared to other culinary traditions.

It is a feast of flavors born with the aim of enhancing and promoting the main one citizen course, the result of an urban redevelopment, in order to make it usable by citizens not only as a place for strolling, but also as a place dedicated toEntertainment.

The event immediately involved all street vendors, especially those from Poggiomarino, as well as local catering establishments.

For two editions, the Food Fest has lived on the city course, but then, given the increasing number of visitors, the organizing association decided to move to a special area that best suited the popular nature of the event, or the "Mimmo Bonagura" market area, which is located at the gates of Poggiomarino and near the exits of the SS 268 and two exits of the motorway.

Given the success of previous editions and the large number of visitors who came (only for the third edition were recorded 15mila presences), since January 2019 the Poggiomarino Street Food Fest has become a real commercial brand.

It follows that this year a shop will be set up with products a brand Poggiomarino Street Food Fest: this is to support the association in its social and cultural promotion activities.

Information on the Poggiomarino Street Food Fest 2019

Where: in Poggiomarino

When: the 21 and 22 September 2019

Timetable: from 19 to midnight

Price: free admission

For information on the Poggiomarino Street Food Fest 2019 consult the Facebook page . event

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