The Neapolis Station Museum in Naples

Neapolis Station Museum
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The museum

The museum station Neapolis it is an exhibition area located inside the Naples subway station station and below the widest National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

It houses the archaeological finds that came to light during the works of the 1 line of the subways of via Toledo, Piazza Giovanni Bovio, Piazza Nicola Amore and Piazza Municipio that have returned beyond 3000 archaeological finds of exceptional value.

Archaeological finds

They cover a vast chronological arc which, starting from prehistoric Naples and continuing through the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Spanish Naples they reach the last century, with the fascist period.

Among all, the elements of greatest interest are represented by a cast of plowing of the Neolithic age discovered during the excavation work for the construction of the Toledo station, from a marble epigraph with the list of names of the athletes who won the Isolimpici games and a wonderful Nike found in 1893 at the Orefici village located in the historic center of the city.

Information on the Neapolis Railway Museum

Opening time:

  • Timetables of the 1 Metro Line

Price tickets:

  • Free


How to get:

  • Address: Piazza Museo Nazionale, 19 (inside the Museo subway station) - 80137 Naples
  • 1 metro line: Museum station | Metro line 2: Cavour station, proceed on foot (about 4 minutes on foot) or take line 1 and get off at the Museum.
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