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The Royal Palace of Caserta

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Latest events and news at The Royal Palace of Caserta

The palace of Caserta, built by Vanvitelli, is the largest royal residence in the world.

The history of the Royal Palace of Caserta

La Palace of Caserta was made from the 1752 from Luigi Vanvitelli, and later by his son Carlo, at the behest of Charles of Bourbon in order to establish it as the fulcrum of the new kingdom of Naples.

The palace was built in Caserta because the king was very fascinated by the beauty of the Caserta landscape and, for security reasons, he wanted it far from the sea and inland, but not far from Naples. The Palace would have to stand comparison with that of Versailles.

The Palace was completed in 1845 (although it was already inhabited by 1780) and is considered the last great example of Italian Baroque.

The Royal Palace of Caserta, the structure and the Park

The Palace has an area of ​​ m2, five floors and four inner courtyards. Inside there is a majestic staircase of honor, the Palatine Chapel, the historic apartment, the court theater and the Quadreria.

The Park and the waterfallmoreover, they give the complex a highly elegant and scenographic resolution.

In the 1997 the Royal Palace of Caserta has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Inside the Reggia you can admire the "Terrae Motus" exhibition, a collection of contemporary art works created by the great artists of the 80 years as Joseph Beuys, Keith Haring, Anselm Kiefer, Andy Warhol, commissioned by the Neapolitan gallery owner Lucio Amelio to remember the 23 November 1980 earthquake that devastated Campania and Basilicata.

Introductory video to the visit of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Information on the Royal Palace of Caserta

Opening time:

Historic Apartments:

Royal Park: 

8.30 opening. Closures:

English garden

8.30 opening. closure:

All environments will reopen in the post-covid from 17 June 2020, the park is already open.

Please note that it is necessary to book the visit (we recommend doing this a few days in advance!).
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Price tickets:

Ticket for Historic Apartments, Park and Garden:

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Entrance to the Park:

Entrance to the English garden:


How to get to the Royal Palace of Caserta:

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