Poppella opens the ice cream parlor in the Rione Sanità with flavors Fiocco di neve, tarallo and pastiera

popella ice cream shop

News arriving at the Rione Sanità in Naples, in fact Ciro Poppella opens a new place in the city, but this time it's the Poppella ice cream shop, a few steps from the famous pastry shop.

This new project comes from the collaboration between Ciro Poppella and Palmiro Bruschi, master ice cream maker, first champion of artisanal ice cream. If you love Poppella's desserts, then you can't not try the ice cream too, designed with the same philosophy and the same ingredients.

The flavors of Poppella ice cream

After the great success achieved with the famous snowflake, the cream dessert covered in sugar and offered in three variants: classic with sheep's ricotta and fresh milk, pistachio and chocolate, ice cream also arrives.

In a completely renovated place, with pastel colors, Ciro Poppella will let guests taste the new artisanal and natural ice cream. There will be various flavours, from the classic ones to the fruit ones, and of course the more particular tastes such as the snowflake, il Neapolitan tarallo and pastiera taste.

In short, all you have to do is taste the new ice cream which we are sure will be excellent just like all the desserts in Poppella!

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