Naples: poisonous plant sold as spinach, 12 intoxicated one is serious

mandrake plant

In the morning cfive people were admitted to the hospital in Pozzuoli for suspected mandrake poisoning but the number increased over the course of the day. The plant, as revealed by Hands Off Hippocrates, was mistaken for spinach and sold by mistake.

The cases of food poisoning in Italy, but this time the culprit it's not there Listeria, that yesterday ad Alessandria (Piedmont) made another victim.

A Pozzuoli, according to what was revealed by Nobody Touches Hippocrates, in the morning 5 people were admitted to the local hospital for suspected mandrake poisoning, one poisonous plant very similar to spinach.

In the thing of the day, however, the cases have increased, arriving at 8 in the morning and at 12 already around lunchtime.

The herb was allegedly sold by mistake in various shops in the Campania region. The first 5 intoxicated would belong to the same family unit, one is serious and currently results in a reserved prognosis. On the others it seems that they did not belong to the family unit, but no information was disclosed.

At the moment the Carabinieri of Pozzuoli and the NAS.

"If you're unsure [of the source], don't buy spinach."

Nobody Touches Hippocrates

Why can mandrake be confused with spinach?

The mandrake, in appearance, is very similar to fresh spinach or other types of lettuce, but its leaves are very poisonous and, if ingested, can lead to poisoning, even severe, and even lead to death.

How do you distinguish the Mandrake from the Spinach?

It is not the first time that this has happened, already in the past some frozen products were also withdrawn as a precaution since they never arrived on the users' table.

The mandrake leaf is crinkled with a thick soft down, with a completely smooth petiole and the edge of which decreases as you move away from the leaf. The plant is 5 to 15 cm tall, bears solitary, purplish flowers that bloom in autumn.

Borage, edible but sometimes also confused with mandrake, has small thorns on the surface of the leaf that come out of small white macules.

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The invitation to attention in the areas between Bacoli, Quarto and Pozzuoli

For this reason the association Nobody Touches Hippocrates, at least until the mandrake is withdrawn from the stalls and supermarkets where the poisonings occurred and in the vicinity (bacoli, Monte di Procida, Monteruscello, Bedroom e Pozzuoli) urged consumers not to buy fresh spinach.

"This is because, the autumn variant, has a higher degree of toxicity."

Nobody Touches Hippocrates

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