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Naples, the Pub la Brasserie charges the salt: 800 euro per kilo!

The crisis is certainly felt, but certain behaviors are not tolerable.

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A boy contacted the editorial de The morning to highlight what happened the night before at pub the Brasserie, located in via Barbagallo.

The young man said he had ordered one Corona, the famous beer, with salt and lemon.

Very often this drink is served this way, but no one has ever charged sprinkling of salt at the end of the bottle, at least up to 15 / 6 / 2013.

Fiscal receipt of the pub

The dissatisfied customer, left anonymous, showed him receipt of the evening and on this sheet of paper it is highlighted that the beer costs 4,50 euro + 0,80 euro for the salt! The pub, therefore, considered it as normal extra.

Making two calculations, a small pinch (made with two fingers) of salt will be yes and no an ounce. 1 gram of salt costs 80 euro cents? For the Brasserie, apparently, yes. This means that one pound should be sold to 800 euros!

Il pub he could not remain silent, above all because their name is clear on the scandalous receipt. The surcharge was only one error generated by the computer, this is theirs excuse.

Source | The morning

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