Bus to Naples

Do you want to know how tariff profiles work?
Bus tickets in Naples change based on the distance to the destination (divided by bands) and the transport company
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Do you want to know which bus to take and at what time does it pass?
With the Giranapoli APP you can consult the GPS position of the buses to find out between how many passes and which ones you need to take to reach your destination
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The things you need to know

Bus timetables are not always the same. In the summer the summer timetable applies, in the winter the winter timetable
Unfortunately, the buses are not always punctual. It is useful to use the app to check the GPS location
The ticket must be purchased before boarding the bus
The ticket must be stamped or activated as soon as you get on board
Tickets cannot be purchased on board
The waiting times are sometimes long

Latest news on transport in Naples

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