Naples subways

Do you want to know how tariff profiles work?
Metro tickets in Naples change based on the distance of the destination and the type of means taken.
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The things you need to know

Metro times are not always the same. In summer, the summer time is in force, while in winter the winter time applies
Unfortunately, the trains are not always on time.
The ticket must be purchased before entering the station when passing the turnstiles
The ticket must be stamped or activated at the turnstiles
Tickets cannot be purchased on board
The waiting times are sometimes long
You can enter with the contactless ticket via TapIn and TapOut (Bancomat, Mastercard, Visa)
You can buy a digital ticket through the Unico App
Sometimes closures are brought forward for maintenance

What time does the Metro open

6:20 from Garibaldi
6:00 from Piscinola
6:20 am from San Giovanni / Barra
5:43 from Pozzuoli

What time does the Metro close

23:02 from Garibaldi
22:30 from Piscinola
22:35 am from San Giovanni / Barra
23:18 from Pozzuoli

How Contactless tickets work and why you need to pay attention to TapIn and TapOut

Unlike many other European metropolises, in Naples the differentiation of routes and companies has complicated the creation of contactless payment via credit and debit cards, as the cost of the trip varies according to the distance traveled (divided into bands).

To overcome this problem, TAPin and TAPout have been introduced, i.e. the payment card must be passed to the reader both at the entrance. both at the exit, often that of the exit is usually present near the turnstiles before the exit.

The system will thus automatically calculate the appropriate figure based on the exit band, while in case of missed TAPout will charge the highest amount for the entire route.

The Metropolitan lines of Naples

Subway 1 Line

The line counts 19 ​​stations, 37 the minutes needed to travel the entire route Piscinola - Garibaldi.

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Subway 2 Line

The line counts 12 ​​stations, 45 the minutes needed to travel the entire route San Giovanni / Barra - Pozzuoli.

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Subway 6 Line

The line counts 4 stations: Mostra, Augusto, Lala and Mergellina on a path of 2.3km.

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Did you know that some urban routes are covered by the Circumvesuviana?

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