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Starbucks in Naples
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Starbucks, the coffee giant with origins in Seattle, is preparing to open in historic Naples Galleria Umberto I. After seducing visitors at the La Reggia Designer Outlet, Starbucks aims to conquer Southern Italy, mixing modernity and tradition.

The opening, expected as a major event that combines the innovation of Starbucks with the historic charm of Naples, met bureaucratic obstacles, but now they seem exceeded!

Where does Starbucks open in Naples?

The choice fell on Galleria Umberto I, a crossroads of history and modernity. In order to also restore glory to the architectural jewel, set among the lively streets of the city, that it will become the home of the new Starbucks. The timeless charm of the building blends with the innovative spirit of Starbucks, creating a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The entrance, located on via Santa Brigida, is already marked by the distinctive colors of the brand, announcing the imminent arrival of a one-of-a-kind experience.

When does Starbucks open in Naples?

The inauguration of the new headquarters Starbucks a Napoli was set for 23st May. An event marks a moment awaited with great interest, especially after a series of postponements due to complex bureaucratic issues and problems related to the superintendence of cultural heritage.

The opening in Galleria Umberto I not only will it introduce the renowned American chain into the beating heart of the city, but it also promises to become a point of reference for residents and tourists, eager to savor the brand's specialties in a highly prestigious architectural context.

What were the reasons for the delay?

The delay in opening Starbucks and the library Mondadori in Naples, as reported by the newspaper The morning, is mainly due to waiting for permits from Superintendency. Permissions are essential for enhancement of the urban area of Galleria Umberto I, a site of great historical and cultural importance. Although the valorization document was signed on 1 January, the calendar of redevelopment works of the Gallery will only be defined next week.

This implies that, despite the preparation works of the yards are scheduled for the end of the current month, the opening of Starbucks and Mondadori will be subject to further delays. In addition, the installation of night gates, as indicated by deputy mayor and councilor for urban planning Laura Lieto, is scheduled for spring. This detail underlines the city's commitment to guaranteeing not only an aesthetic and commercial renewal of the Gallery, but also the safety and integrity of the public space.

The premises have been released: the opening of Starbucks is expected, Mondadori is still in doubt

The recent release from seizure of the premises in the Galleria Umberto I marks a key moment for the long-awaited opening of Starbucks in Naples. After a period of uncertainty, due to bureaucratic complications, the renovation project received the green light, paving the way for renovation works for the international cafeteria.

At the same time, the fate of Mondadori bookshop, located in the same spaces and affected by a similar fate, remains uncertain. If for Starbucks the prospects now appear clear, for Mondadori new developments are still awaited, with the hope that similar doors will soon open for this historic brand, thus strengthening the process of valorising one of the most emblematic corners of Naples.

  • Where: Umberto gallery
  • When: Thursday May 23 2024
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