When does The Professor 2 with Gassman come out? Here's the date

A professor 2

Eventually the reason for the was revealed Big Brother's move to Thursdays compared to the appointment originally scheduled for Wednesday 15th, the reason? The postponement of the first episode of Il Professore 2 with Gassman by RAI, which led Mediaset to review its schedules.

Why the appointment with Il Professore 2 has been postponed

“A Professor 2”, the series with Alessandro Gassman e Claudia Pandolfi that many were waiting for, is forced to take a step back. And the reason? A sporting event that captured everyone's attention: the tennis match of Jannik Sinner ATP Finals. This match, not just a simple sporting match but a real media event, pushed Rai to rethink his moves.

Let's remember that the last match it entertained 2.543.000 spectators with a peak share of 14.6%.!

It's not just Rai that has to adapt. As already mentioned, Mediaset also had to make similar moves, postponing "Io Canto Generation" to make room for "Big Brother" so you can compete with The Professor 2. In short, a real television domino!

When was The Professor 2 moved to?

The new start date of “A Professor 2” is set for November 23, 2023. Yes, we have to wait a little longer, but curiosity for this series remains high. And for those who just can't wait, there's good news: the first two episodes are already available on Rai Play.

A little taste to while away the wait.

The match that captivated everyone

But why all this attention for the Sinner match? The answer lies in his opponent, Holger Rune, and in Sinner's recent victory against the world number one, Djokovic.

The victory against Djokovic, the absolute holder of the throne in Tennis to date, made a space possible for the Italian tennis player from Alto Alone. The presence of a compatriot could, and certainly will, involving many Italians, effectively blocking any hope for the Il Professore 2 series.

This match is not just a tennis match, it is a key moment in Italian sport, an event that unites fans and non-fans alike. And with a share that speaks clearly, it is clear that Rai's choice to give space to this event was more than apt.

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