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The new episode of Fourth Republic the new is upon us this evening appointment will air at 21pm and will give ample space to discussions, from Italian politics to international issues. The management, as always, is by Nicholas Porro as per tradition for many years now.

Who are tonight's guests at Quarta Repubblica

For tonight's guests, the episode promises to be particularly rich.

  • Paolo Mieli
  • Angelo d'Orsi
  • Andrea Ruggieri
  • Simonetta Matone
  • Susanna Turco
  • Roberto Vannacci

What will tonight's episode 13 May be about

What happened in the Liguria case

At the heart of tonight's episode of “Fourth Republic” there is the investigation that has shaken the Liguria region, a true political earthquake with implications that go well beyond regional borders. The story involves high-level figures from the local political and economic scene, including the president Giovanni Toti, under accusation for corruption and acts contrary to official duties, now under house arrest.

The debate will also extend to other personalities involved:

  • Paul Emilio Signorini, former President of the Port System Authority and now in prison, also accused of corruption.
  • Entrepreneurs Aldo and Roberto Spinelli, respectively under house arrest and banned from carrying out entrepreneurial activities, accused of corruption against key figures in Ligurian politics.
  • Mauro Vianello and Francesco Moncada, entrepreneurs with professional restrictions for similar accusations.
  • Matthew Cozzani, head of cabinet of President Toti, accused of electoral and functional corruption, currently under house arrest.

The investigation extends beyond port concessions, also touching on electoral financing and the management of private healthcare during the pandemic.

Guests of this segment:

  • Eugenia Roccella
  • Marco Revelli
  • Andrea Ruggieri

The attacks on the police and the demonstrators' accusations against the police were deemed violent

On tonight's episode of “Fourth Republic”, the focus shifts to the delicate balance between public order and civil rights. Recently, the police were at the center of episodes of violence, both as victims of attacks and as subjects of criticism for allegedly overly harsh responses during demonstrations. During the debate, guests will compare their visions on how law enforcement should interact with citizens in protest contexts and what measures can be implemented to ensure that security does not compromise individual freedom.

The censorship issue and the protests at the Book Fair

Tonight, “Fourth Republic” offers a contribution of exceptional value: an exclusive interview with the Nobel Prize winner Salman Rushdie, whose life was marked by the fight against the suppression of speech. Rushdie will share his reflections on the current state of freedom of expression and discuss recent cases of censorship observed not only in Italy, but in various international contexts.

The debate on censorship then lights up with the comparison between the Nobel Prize Salman Rushdie and the Minister for the Family, Eugenia Roccella. Recently, the minister asserted that having been censored in reference to protests that, according to her, would have limited his freedom of expression. But not everyone agrees, critics and observers have contrasted that Censorship, by definition, involves institutional power that stifles minority voices, not the dissent expressed by those without power.

What is Fourth Republic and how is the format organised

"Fourth Republic” is an Italian television program of the talk show and political debate type, broadcast during peak time on Rete 4 starting from 17 September 2018, under the guidance of the presenter Nicholas Porro. The live broadcast is carried out at studio 1 of the Safa Palatino Centre, located in the Italian capital, Rome.

The focus of the broadcast revolves around issues of national and international importance, touching on various areas such as politics, economics and current events, all presented with a journalistic and analytical perspective. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, examined through journalistic contributions, interviews and discussions between those present in the studio.

Nicholas Porro, the host of the show, is a journalist and commentator known for his frank and stimulating way of presenting the facts. The primary intent of the host is catalyze a public debate and highlight a variety of perspectives on issues of particular interest.

With an average audience of around 1,5 million viewers for each episode, “Quarta Repubblica” is among the most viewed information programs on the Italian television scene.

Topics recently covered in the program include:

  • The Ukrainian conflict
  • Economic instability
  • The Italian political sphere
  • Relevant international developments
  • The growth of artificial intelligence

It is not uncommon for the program generate controversies, often due to the journalistic approach adopted and the positions taken by the host Nicola Porro. However, “Fourth Republic” persists as one of the main information channels in Italy, capable of fueling discussions and keeping the public updated on crucial issues.

Fourth Republic ratings

Here are some of the audience figures for Quarta Repubblica:

  • Seasonal average 2022/2023: 1,4 million viewers (share 10,2%)
  • Most watched episode: 2,2 million viewers (13,6% share)
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