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Reach the widest audience in Campania with a few clicks.

The organization of an event is a colossal work, it can really test every resource involved and a truly remarkable attention and attention to detail is required in order not to make it all fail.
But first of all, it's important that the audience is there.

Communicating an event is as important as organizing it, because there is no event if there is no public.
To increase specifically the visibility of your event is therefore crucial, and it is important to do it with whom talk about numbers, without too much chat.

Why choose us? is the main portal on the life of the city of Naples, with over two million views per month, with users from all parts of the world thanks to the translations of all contents into 9 languages.
SEO trend of the main sites in Naples

No exclusivity

Unlike our competitors, we we never ask for exclusivity

The exclusives limit your ability to reach new people e damage local activities.

9 Languages

All content on our portal comes translated into 9 languages.

We deal with the main European languages ​​as well as uncommon languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Punctual goals

Our copywriters are trained and managed by marketing team. 
All texts are studied with clear and defined objectives.
No copy / paste, no rambling texts, only painstaking attention and sartorial care.

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