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La second season of stay with me, fiction with Francis Ark aired on Rai Uno as of February 19, 2023, is one of the most anticipated ever, but viewers will still have to be patient, because stay with me 2 could arrive yes, but in the 2025.

Stay with me 2 when it starts

Meanwhile, Rai has not yet given any news on the debut of the episodes of Stay with me 2, but Palomar, via the voice of Charles Degli Esposti, already after the end of the first cycle of episodes gave the first advances of what will happen in the second season. Let's see them briefly.

Stay with me 2, the first advances

According to information leaked from the season XNUMX finale, the First episodes of Stay with me 2 will Alessandro Scudieri engaged in another investigation. The deputy commissioner will discover that it was his colleague and lifelong friend who betrayed him, Marco Palma. He was the mole that kept the Heatspear Gang one step ahead of the police.

Two months after closing the case, Alessandro and his partner Paola they have definitively found each other and celebrate Christmas Eve together, but during dinner Paola receives a call: Diego escaped.

When she and Alessandro they track him down, the boy asks to spend some more time together, taking a walk through the streets of the festive city. The existence of Alexander and Paula could find new energy through Diego in stay with me 2.

Stay with me 2, the cast

As regards the cast of stay with me 2, if confirmed by Palomar, we may review:

  • Francis Ark in the role of Alessandro Scudieri;
  • Laura Adriani in the role of partner Paola;
  • Mario DiLeva in the role of Diego;

Difficult for the moment to make other hypotheses, as there is only the confirmation of renewal for season 2, but aside from this trio, there's no word yet on what other actors could be part of the cast of stay with me 2.

Where to see Stay with me 2 on TV and streaming

La second season of stay with me meanwhile it is still a project on paper, but if it were to follow the same path as the first, it will certainly be transmitted unencrypted on Rai Uno. THE reruns of episodes, later, will be streamed on the free platform RaiPlay.

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