Rischiatutto '70 with Carlo Conti, previews 3 January 2024

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Il 3 January 2024, Rai1 turns the spotlight on “Rischiatutto '70”, a unique television event celebrating the 70 years of programming the Rai. Get ready for a nostalgic journey, full of surprises, guided by the brilliant management of Carlo Conti. Let's relive historical moments, exciting challenges and unforgettable memories together!

The celebration of 70 years of Rai television

Il 2024 marks an extraordinary milestone: they have passed 70 years since Rai began broadcasting, forever changing the landscape of Italian culture. On this special occasion, "Rischiatutto '70" becomes a bridge that connects the present with the rich television past, offering us a real dive into history.

Who runs the program?

He enters the scene Carlo Conti, a true master of television, ready to guide us during the extraordinary evening. With his unmistakable style and a charge of friendliness, Conti is the perfect helmsman to navigate through decades of television entertainment and iconic moments that marked Rai.

The format that takes inspiration from the quiz show "Rischiatutto" by Mike Bongiorno

“Rischiatutto '70” is not only a celebration, but also a tribute to the legendary Mike Bongiorno and his famous quiz show “Rischiatutto”. The historic format is revisited in a modern key, with intriguing challenges and VIP guests ready to get involved. This unique mix makes the event a rare pearl in the current television panorama.

When and where "Rischiatutto '70" with Carlo Conti airs

Unmissable appointment: January 3, 2024, in prime time on Rai1. “Rischiatutto '70” is preparing to enter the homes of Italians, offering an evening of pure fun and nostalgia. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this historic celebration, an event that unites generations in front of the screen!

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