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After a long night of ballots and screenings, the results of the European elections 2024 they are finally definitive. Here are the main electoral outcomes, the declarations of political leaders, the performances of the different coalitions and the possible implications for Italy's political future.

Rresults of the 2024 European Elections

  • Brothers of Italy (FdI): 28,81%
  • Democratic Party (PD): 24,02%
  • 5 Star Movement (M5S): 9,95%
  • Forza Italia (FI): 9,72%
  • Alloy: 9,12%
  • Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra (AVS): 6,63%
  • United States of Europe (Renzi-Bonino): 3,74%
  • Action (Carlo Calenda): 3,31%
  • Peace, Earth and Dignity (Michele Santoro): 2,19%

Total turnout: 49,69%

Fratelli d'Italia confirms itself as the first party

Close up of Giorgia Meloni
Photo from Giorgia Meloni's official Instagram account

Brothers of Italy is confirmed first party in Italy, obtaining the 28,81% of votes in the 2024 European elections. A result that strengthens the position of Giorgia Meloni, who stated:

“They saw us coming but didn't stop us”

Giorgia Meloni

The Prime Minister defined this election night as "even more beautiful than politics", thanks to voters' continued support for his government.

In particular we can note that:

  • Giorgia Meloni obtained over two million personal preferences.
  • Fratelli d'Italia is the leading party in all constituencies, except in the South, where the PD prevails

The growth of the PD

Il Democratic Party achieved a particularly significant result by reaching the 24,02% of votes. The secretary of the PD, Elly Schlein, defined this result as "straordinario" and emphasized that the PD is the party that is growing the most compared to previous elections. The distance with the Brothers of Italy has narrowed, demonstrating a rebirth of the party under the new leadership.

In particular we can note that:

  • The center-left performed well in the cities of Bari, Perugia, Florence, and Bergamo.
  • In Piedmont, Alberto Cirio of the centre-right obtained 50%, while Gianna Pentenero of the center-left stood at between 34-38%

The collapse of the 5Star Movement and Conte's disappointment

Il Movement 5 Stars suffered a sharp decline, obtaining only 9,95% of the votes. Giuseppe Conte, leader of the M5S, admitted that the result was "very disappointing" and declared that the movement will start an internal reflection to analyze the causes of the defeat.

In particular we can note that:

  • The M5S fell below 10%, far from expectations that had given them over 14%.
  • Conte recognized the need for improvement and stressed respect for voters' assessment.

The challenge between Forza Italia and Lega

Forza Italia overtook the League in the 2024 European elections, obtaining the 9,72% of votes, while the League stopped at 9,12%. Antonio Tajani, leader of Forza Italia, expressed satisfaction with the result, declaring: "They thought we were dead, but we are alive and well.". Both parties acknowledged the internal difficulties and challenges faced during the election campaign.

In particular we can note that:

  • Forza Italia dedicated the victory to Silvio Berlusconi.
  • Matteo Salvini highlighted the difficult internal conditions, especially the criticism from Umberto Bossi.

The results of the other coalitions

The Greens and Left Alliance (AVS) achieved a positive result, reaching the 6,63% of votes and managing to bring Ilaria Salis to the European Parliament. Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli expressed satisfaction with the result, stating that "the battle for democracy begins today but will be even stronger".

The United States of Europe list by Emma Bonino and Matteo Renzi, against the forecasts which put it at 6%, failed to exceed the threshold of 4%, stopping at 3,74%. Matteo Renzi defined the result "absurd" and criticized the breakup of the Terzo Polo with Carlo Calenda, whose Action party obtained only the 3,31% of votes.

Specifically, these are the results:

  • AVS: 6,63%
  • United States of Europe: 3,74%
  • Action: 3,31%

What was the turnout? The record for abstentionism

The turnout in the 2024 European elections in Italy was 49,69%, marking a new negative participation record. A fact that reflects a growing disinterest of voters towards the European institutions.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni obtained over two million personal preferences, confirming her popularity despite the high rate of abstentionism.

In particular we can note that:

  • The percentage of voters in Italy was 49,69%.
  • The negative participation record was surpassed compared to 2019, when turnout was 54,5%.
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