Back to the Future Day, the film in cinemas in 4K. Where to see it in Naples

Il 21 October It's a date that every fan of "Back to the Future" marks on the calendar with great anticipation. A film which has spawned an unparalleled popular culture will have its annual celebration, organized by Nexo Digital. In this special edition, the cinemas of Campania are preparing for 4K high definition projections, while fans are invited to actively participate.

What is return to Futuro Day

Il Back to the Future Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the legendary film trilogy that debuted in 1985. This event, which has become a permanent fixture thanks to Nexo Digital, celebrates the film that funneled nearly $400 million worldwide. The day is distinguished by a series of special screenings in 4K, along with a variety of side activities to immerse fans in the film's universe.

How to participate

Participation in the Back to the Future Day it is an event in itself. The spectators they are warmly invited to wear clothing and accessories that pay homage to the film. With the hashtag #RitornoAlFuturoDay2023, fans can share their experiences on social media. Furthermore, a CELEBRATIVE GOLDEN TICKET, a limited edition collector's item, will be distributed in participating theaters as an additional appeal to fans.

In which cinemas can you see it in Naples and Campania

For residents and visitors of Campania, the opportunity to join in this celebration is ample. Participating cinemas include:

  • Happy Maxicinema, Afragola
  • Vittoria, Aversa
  • Uci Casoria, Casoria
  • UCI, Marcianise
  • Movieplex, Mercogliano
  • Modernissimo, Naples
  • The Space, Naples/Nola/Salerno
  • village, Torrecuso

Also this year the Back to the Future Day promises to be an unforgettable event, both for longtime fans and newcomers to this cinematic universe.

  • Where: Naples and Campania
  • When: Saturday October 21 2023
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