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Rolex Capri Sailing Week 2019: the Tre Golfi Regatta starts from Naples

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Starting from Naples, the Rolex Capri Sailing Week 2019, or the XNUMxesima Tre Golfi Regatta!

for Rolex Capri Sailing Week, the sailing week starting from Naples scheduled until 18 May 2019, and started on 10 in May, they arrived in the Gulf over 120 crews.
A very substantial participation, which makes evident the great work done by the three organizing associations, the Italian Yacht Club, the Circolo del Remo and the Vela Italia, the Yacht Club Capri.
The three renowned sailing clubs have acted in synergy with the International Maxi Yacht Association, the organization that manages the class of the most prestigious and fastest yachts.

La 65th Tre Golfi Regatta it is valid for the Italian Offshore Championship 2019 and is included in the IMA Mediterranean Maxi Offshore Challenge 2018-2019 circuit. The regatta develops for 150 miles through the gulfs of Naples, Gaeta e Salerno and closes at Capri. Classes Maxi, ORC and IRC, vintage yachts, Grand Crocera and boats with only two crew members take part.

As in previous editions, even in this it is possible to follow the Rolex Capri Sailing Week thanks to a special one app for smartphones (iOS and Android), which gives the position and ranking of competing boats in real time.


Naples - Circolo Remo and Vela Italia

Friday May 10

  • 10.00: opening of the race office
  • 13.00: registration closing
  • 20.00: lunch for the participants
  • 24.00: start of the 65a Regata dei Tre Golfi

Capri - regatta village

Tuesday May 14

  • 10.00: registration opening MYCT, CNT, ICT
    16.30: closing MYCT registrations
    17.30: briefing for MYCT skippers

Wednesday May 15

  • 9.00: CNT, ICT and tonnage checks
  • 11.25: warning signal before the MYCT trial
  • 15.00: closing of CNT, ICT registrations
  • 17.30: briefing for CNT, ICT skippers
  • 20.30: Mylius owners party

Thursday May 16

  • 9.00: briefing for skippers
  • 11.25: MYCT warning signal
  • 11.55: warning signal before the CNT, ICT test
  • 20.30: Rolex Owners Gala Dinner

Friday May 17

  • 9.00: briefing for skippers
  • 10.55: warning signal
    At the end of the tests, award ceremony of the 65a Regata dei Tre Golfi
  • 20.00: party for the crews

Saturday May 18

  • 9.00: briefing for skippers
  • 10.55: warning signal
  • 18.30: award ceremony in the Piazzetta of Capri.

Program changes will be exposed to the ONB within the 19.00 hours of the previous day. Furthermore, no notice will be displayed after the 15.00 hours of the 18 May, excluding a consequence of a general recall.

Information on the Rolex Capri Sailing Week

Where: in the gulfs of Naples, Gaeta, Salerno

When: from 10 to 18 May 2019

Timetable: consult the program

Price: you can attend for free

For info see the site of the Tre Golfi regatta

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