Rosy Abate 3 will be the third season?

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Let's get straight to the point, Rosy Abate 3 will happen or not? Mediaset, after having given an initial denial in 2022 and having replaced the famous fiction in the same year with another (Lady Corleone, which talks about another mafia woman), she did not express herself on the matter, but a small glimmer of hope let it shine through Mizio Curcio, who in an interview released on April 27, 2023 at TVBlog, revealed what the future of the series will be.

Will Rosy Abate 3 happen or not? The words of Mizio Curcio

In the interview Mizio Curcio stated that he and Julia Michelini they are trying to resist, and have tried to resist in the past, the temptation to do Rose Abbot 3, but now it seems that the cards on the table have changed and good news could soon arrive for fans of the queen of Palermo.

Rosy Abate 3, when it starts

Unfortunately, although the screenwriter has shed a small light, we do not know when he will write the new script and, consequently, we do not even know when Rosy Abate 3 starts. Consequently, meanwhile, it is still too early to speculate.

Rosy Abate 3, first advances

Meanwhile, they have not been released previews of Rosy Abate 3, As Mizio Curcio he still has to write the screenplay. For sure, however, we will find the protagonist, that is Rose Abbot, and we will follow his steps in a picturesque Palermo where criminal plots will not be lacking.

Rosy Abbot 3, the cast

We have no information on cast of Rosy Abate 3, but if the one from the previous season were to be reconfirmed, we will probably find:

  • Julia Michelini in the role of Rose Abbot;
  • Paola Michelini in the role of Queen Santagata;
  • Mario Sgueglia in the role of Luca Bonaccorso;
  • Bruno Torrisi in the role of Quaestor Licata;
  • Paolo Pierobon in the role of Philip DeSilva;
  • Raniero Monaco of Lapio in the role of Roberto Mainetti;

Where to see Rosy Abate 3 on TV and in streaming

Rose Abbot 3 for the moment it is still a hypothesis, but if it were to follow the path of the previous two seasons, it will certainly be broadcast in the clear on Channel 5. THE reruns of episodes instead they can be reviewed on the platform Mediaset Infinity.

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