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Saints of Periferia in Naples: Piero Pelù and the young people in a musical project of rebirth

Piero Pelù

Piero Pelù and the young marginalized in Naples together in a project with musical workshops and visits to stimulate their creativity!

Singer Piero Pelù he started a beautiful one project with young people emarginati e difficult of Naples, an initiative that started Monday 7 May and will end on Friday 11 May 2018. It is about "Saints in the suburbs - the impossible does not exist"And involves 11 guys in lab activities, mostly musical, in various places of Naples.

Of these young people, 6 come from the penal area and 5 from the Galiani Technical Institute, while the laboratories will take place mainly between the Piazza Forcella Municipal Space, in via Vicaria Vecchia, and the engraving room Jamesession of Agnano, which was made available thanks to Acustica online, one of the important project partners. The purpose is precisely to activate the young people who come from different life experiences through the disruptive force of music.

Piero Pelù will be assisted by some Neapolitan artists who have always been involved in social work, as Claudia Megrè, Daniele Sanzone of A67 e Nando Misuraca, and all together they will work with the boys to create with them a song or another artistic work that gives vent to their creativity. In fact, the last day of the project includes the presentation of the result of their work, whether it is a song or another work of art.

Saints of Periphery: the youth of Naples and Piero Pelù

Santi di Periferia is a project born from a meeting between Piero Pelù and the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris in a Calabrian evening, talking about the marginality of the young, recovery of the suburbs and importance of create a common language that engages kids in something constructive. The initiative, which is inspired by a homonymous song by Litfiba, a group of which Piero Pelù was the leader, tells of these riotous and "hungry" of the suburbs and wants to find a language to establish contact. This language can be music and the aim is to stimulate creativity of these guys.

The final event of the workshops: the result of children's creativity

Friday 11 May from 9.30 to 13.00 there will be thefinal event that will have to be realized in a song, but also in a dance or a painting, in short in a creative work. It will take place in Piazza Forcella, in via Vicaria Vecchia 23 SNC with a buffet.


Other activities: visits to historical places

The 11 boys involved, besides to participate in the musical laboratories, they will also perform visits to the Orchestra dei Quartieri Spagnoli and the Church of San Potito, where the performances of the Choir of the City of Naples take place. It is a further way to enhance the youth realities that, in the city, engage in social work.

Saints of Periferia has been strongly desired by the City of Naples, specifically by Youth and Culture Department, In collaboration with the Juvenile Justice Center, and has seen the commitment of over a year also of Carlo Morelli, Director of the Choir of the City of Naples, Rosario D'Uonno, founder of the Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival.

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An event at no cost

We also report that the event is completely at no cost for the Municipality of Naples thanks to the technical partners: the45 Article Association, which manages the municipal recording room Pino Daniele at the House of culture and young people of Pianura, the label SuonoLiberoMusic, born thanks to the prog of the Department of Youth in the framework of the Naples Development announcement of the 2014 Acoustic On Line.

Even some Neapolitan entrepreneurs have contributed free. They are the pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, the trattoria Toledo, the Relais della Porta and the delicatessen La mia mozzarella speaks of Lello Massa.

Information on Saints of Periphery

When: from 7 to 11 May 2018

Where: headquarters in the Forcella Space, via Vicaria Vecchia 23. Presentation of the final work in this venue on Friday 11 May from 9.30 To 12.00 13.00


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