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Valentine's Day in Città della Scienza: prices and information

Valentine's Day is coming and, by now, you'll already know what to do, right? We have recommended one multitude of options among which we find the event organized by Città della Scienza. The appointment has already been presented in a previous article, but we wanted to ask the organizers for more information, explanations that were not included on the official website.

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Here is what Barbara Magistrelli, who is responsible forPress office.

"The Physics of Love"

Experimental divagation on the themes and on the common places of Love and of the
Valentine's Day, including some legends about the hagiography of the Saint
and on the origins of the most tender rituals (exchange of text messages, little hearts,
lovebirds, roses, etc.).

Everything will have an original treatment that is much more fun
to teaching, in a Cabaret atmosphere with music, set design
interactive to "do entertainment" with experiments and show the
most spectacular side of science.

"Love is blind" for example, will provide inspiration for an amazing
optics final on invisibility ... while under the notes of "My Funny
Valentine ... Physics "a heart-shaped balloon will be pierced by a
needle without bursting!

And finally, weather permitting, the hot air balloons will rise in the
night sky, with the written wishes of some couples of spectators and
also with ... the Principle of Archimedes!

Valentine's Day prices at Città della Scienza

Valentine's Day in Città della Scienza

We also discovered the various costs:

Entrance: € 7,50
Planetary: € 3,00
Cinema 4D: € 3,50

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