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Valentine's Day Naples 2014 | Visit to the Capodimonte Observatory


At San Valentino you can visit the Capodimonte Observatory to observe the Moon and the stars thanks to the guide of the structure's astronomers

There are many cultural events planned in Naples for the 2014 Valentine's Day, designed as an alternative to the typical candlelit seratina.

In addition to the many events organized for the 14 Februaryin fact, couples of lovers can decide to devote themselves to art, culture or even astronomy. One of the events not to be missed is certainly that offered byCapodimonte Observatory, one of the most important astronomical points in Italy.

For the evening of Valentine's Day, the structure will open its doors to anyone who wants to live a unique experience of observing the sky. From 19 to 23.15, thanks to the initiative Fall in love with the evening, in love with the Moon, you can visit the Planetary and the Museum of Astronomical Instruments through guided tours with the Observatory experts.

Naturally, you will be able to observe the stars and the moon, thus creating a suggestive and romantic setting fully adapted to the evening. Moreover, thanks to the support of the observatory astronomers, you will learn many fascinating notions about the world of the stars.

Il ticket it will only cost 5 € per pair. Let's see, in detail, the program of the evening.

Program Lovers of the evening, in love with the Moon

  • First round entry from To 19,00 19,30
          • 19,30-20,45 hours: Guided tours of the Planetarium or the Museum of Astronomical Instruments
          • 19,30-20,45 hours: Moon Observations
          • Conclusion: 21.00 hours
  • Second shift entry from 21,30 to 22,00
          • 22,00-23,30 hours: Scientific meetings with observatory astronomers
          • 22,00-23,15 hours: Guided tours to the Planetarium or the Museum of Astronomical Instruments
          • 22,30-23,15 hours: Moon observations
          • Conclusion: 22.30 hours
  • parking space not guarded until parking spaces are available.


Photo | Ivano Fossati / Naviganti

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