Champions League fixtures, groups and fixtures for Napoli, Inter, Milan and Lazio

Thursday, 31/08/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
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The football world has been in eagerly waiting for the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League group stage draw.

Finally, the pieces have fallen into place, revealing the path that Italian teams will have to travel in the most prestigious tournament at club level.

The Italian teams in play are:

  • Naples,
  • Inter,
  • Milan,
  • Lazio

Here's a detailed breakdown of the brackets, rules and how to follow the exciting matches to come.

What are the groups of the Italian teams

Napoli It is in the group C, a varied pool that also includes Real Madrid, Braga and Union Berlin.
Inter, the journey looks just as intriguing in the group D, with the presence of Salzburg and Real Sociedad.

Milan, in group F, will be face to face with the Borussia Dortmund, while Lazio, coming from Pot XNUMX, was paired with Feyenoord in group E.

What is the formula for the Champions League 2023/2024?

The draw mechanism is pretty straight forward but full of details. The 32 participating teams are divided into eight groups, from group A to group H.

The uniqueness of the draw lies in the restrictions - teams from the same country they cannot share the same group and specific pairings are made to optimize the television audience.

The Champions League calendar

The competition kicks off on 19 September, with group stage fixtures scheduled to run until 13 December. They will follow round of XNUMX in February, the quarterfinals in April and the semifinals in May, culminating in the grand final at Wembley Stadium on June 1st.

19 20-September1th day
3 4-October2th day
24 25-October3th day
7-8 November4th day
28-29 November5th day
12 13-December6th day
13-14 FebruaryRound of XNUMX (first leg)
20-21 FebruaryRound of XNUMX (return)
9-10 AprilQuarters (first leg)
16-17 AprilQuarters (return)
30 April-1 MaySemi-finals (first leg)
7 8-MaySemi-finals (second leg)
1nd JuneFinal

Where to see the Champions League matches

For those who don't want to miss even a minute of action, the matches will be broadcast on different channels, including:

  • Sky,
  • Amazon,
  • Mediaset Infinity,
  • unencrypted on Channel 20
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