Air strike on February 9th, cancellations and delays expected

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Il 9 February 2024 will mark a day of strong tension in Italian airports due to one national airport services strike. A strike that will involve a wide range of workers in the sector, from airline companies to the services of handling and that could create significant inconvenience for passengers, with cancellations e delays which could significantly alter the travel plans of many.

Details of the strike: a full day of mobilization

Lo strike, which will take place on 9 February, will begin to midnight and it will continue for 24 hours from 00:01 to 23:59, involving different category of workers in the airline sector. Among these, personnel belonging to various trade union acronyms, as well as the workers of the companies handling associated with Assohandlers, responsible for baggage and passenger transport services within airports.

  • Workers in the aviation, airport and related airport sectors:
    • mode: 24 hours
    • Schedule: by 00: 01 23 to: 59
  • Soc. Air Dolomiti flight crew:
    • mode: 4 hours
    • Schedule: by 12: 30 16 to: 30
  • Airport handling service company workers adherents to Assohandlers.

Flights guaranteed despite the strike

Despite the difficulties, some air services will remain guaranteed to limit inconvenience. Among these, i state flights, militar, of emergency, health, humanitarian need relief. Also, specifics bands they will see guaranteed departures: from 7: 00 to 10: 00 and by 18: 00 to 21: 00, to ensure minimum continuity in air traffic. A provision that aims to safeguard travelers and maintain an essential level of operation in Italian airports during the day of mobilization.

Flights guaranteed during the strike:

  • State flights
  • Military flights
  • Emergency flights
  • Medical flights
  • Humanitarian flights
  • Rescue flights
  • Guaranteed departures in the time slots:
    • From 7: 00 10 to: 00
    • From 18: 00 21 to: 00
  • Charter flights to/from the islands in guaranteed time slots
  • Flights with a single daily frequency for the following routes:
    • EJU 3583 Malpensa (LIMC) – Olbia (LIEO)
    • EJU 3584 Olbia (LIEO) – Malpensa (LIMC)
    • RYR 4561 Malpensa (LIMC) – Cagliari (LIEE)
    • RYR 4562 Cagliari (LIEE) – Malpensa (LIMC)
    • VLG 6534 Barcelona (LEBL) – Catania (LICC)
    • VLG 6535 Catania (LICC) – Barcelona (LEBL)
    • VOE 1778 Verona (LIPX) – Olbia (LIEO)
    • VOE 1135 Rome (LIRF) – Olbia (LIEO)
    • VOE 1134 Olbia (LIEO) – Rome (LIRF)
    • VOE 1745 Verona (LIPX) – Catania (LICC)
    • VOE 1511 Ancona (LIPY) – Palermo (LICJ)
  • Intercontinental flights arriving and departing, including some specific flights to Middle East, North America, South America, Sub Asian Sub Continent, South East Asia sub area, Japan and Korea, Central America and Caribbean Sub Area e Africa.
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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