ANM strike on 26 April, stop Metro1, buses, trams and funiculars

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Friday 26th April, we citizens of Naples will have to prepare ourselves to experience hours of discomfort regarding public transport, and no we are not referring to the "usual" delays. There OS FAISA CONFAIL decided to join the national strike, proclaiming an interruption of services from morning until early afternoon. The arrest, foreseen by 11: 00 to 15: 00, will influence urban mobility in one of the busiest time slots, affecting metro, funiculars and surface transport. To this EAV has already joined the strike on April 26th which will stop the circumvesuviana, cumana and all its other transports.

The reasons for the strike

Il national strike of public transport was announced by OS FAISA CONFAIL to draw attention to a series of unresolved issues that afflict the sector. Among the main claims are:

  • the improvement of working conditions,
  • updating contracts,
  • transport safety for passengers,
  • safety at work

Issues that directly affect the well-being of professionals and citizens and which also significantly influence the quality of the service offered to citizens.

Strike of the Subway 1 Line, strike times and guaranteed slots

During the strike of the 26 April, the services of Subway 1 Line of Naples will suffer a significant suspension. The last ride of the morning will be guaranteed by both Piscinola that Garibaldi 10:20, shortly before the start of the strike.

After the break, trains will resume service in the afternoon, but with different timetables: the first post-strike run will leave from Piscinola 15:50 and Garibaldi 16:30.

Funicular strike, strike times and guaranteed slots

also the funiculars of Naples will be involved in strike of the 26 April. Here is how the hours will be regulated during the strike:

  • Montesanto and Mergellina funicular: the last guaranteed morning ride will be at 10:50. After the stop, the funiculars will resume service at 15:20, restoring normal activity.
  • Central Funicular: it will follow the same timetable as the other two, with service suspended from 11:00 15:00 and resumed in the afternoon.
  • Chiaia plant: it is still closed due to construction, however a new one will be available NC shuttle service is will follow the warranty bands of the buses.

Bus, tram and ground transport strike, strike times and guaranteed time slots

Il 26th April, in addition to the inconveniences on the funiculars and the subway, also the bus, tram and trolleybus of Naples will suffer interruptions.

The strike will affect these surface lines from 11: 00 to 15: 00. During this period, the last departures will be guaranteed approximately 30 minutes before of the start of the strike, and the service will resume, similarly, approximately 30 minutes after the end of the strike.

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