Strike on Metro 1, buses and ANM funiculars on 6 May

metro 1 line of Naples
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As with the EAV strike, Monday 6st May one awaits us national strike of 24 hours in the public transport sector, proclaimed by the USB Trade Union Organization. The strike times are from 03:01 in the morning until 03:00 of the following day and will also affect the subways, funiculars, buses and trams of Naples.

Let's see the warranty bands and stop times in detail.

The updated situation

  • Metro Line 1: train circulation is regular
  • Central Funicular: active service with direct travels
  • Montesanto funicular: service suspended from 9am.
  • Mergellina funicular: active and regular service
  • Surface lines (tram buses, trolleybuses): heavily reduced service

Strike on the Naples Metro Line 1

Monday 6st May Those who use the Naples Metro Line 1 will do well to keep in mind the modified service times due to the strike.
Here is a practical list of timetables, with first departures and last trips.

  • First morning runs:
    • From Piscinola: 06:30
    • From Garibaldi: 07:10
  • Last morning runs:
    • From Piscinola: 09:12
    • From Garibaldi: 09:07
  • Resumption of the afternoon service:
    • From Piscinola: 17:00
    • From Garibaldi: 17:40
  • Last evening trips:
    • From Piscinola: 19:33
    • From Garibaldi: 19:28

Strike of the Naples funiculars

Naples' funiculars will also follow a modified schedule during the May 6 strike. Here are the times to remember for those who plan to use this type of transport:

  • Mergellina funicular:
    • Last morning ride guaranteed at 09:20
    • Resumption of the afternoon service from 17:00
    • Last evening ride at 19:50
  • Central and Montesanto Funicular:
    • Same times as Mergellina for morning, afternoon and evening runs.
  • Chiaia plant:
    • Still closed for works
    • NC shuttle service available but follows the guaranteed bus schedules found below

Bus and tram strike in Naples

During the strike on May 6th also the services of buses and trams of Naples will undergo significant changes. For those who rely on these means of transport, here are the guaranteed time slots:

Guaranteed time slots:

  • Morning: come on 05:30 08:30
  • Evening: come on 17:00 20:00

The last morning departures will take place 30 minutes before of the start of the strike and services will resume about 30 minutes later the end of the strike.

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