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For Monday 12 February 2024 it is noted a strike in the rail transport sector is interest major operators such as Trenitalia, Italo e Trenord. A mobilization union, expected from 9 am to 17 pm is impacts on the routine of thousands of travelers throughout Italy. The protest was called for claim contractual improvements and fairer working conditions for workers in the sector.

Which trains are on strike?

Today's strike it involves a wide range of rail services, including high-speed, regional and long-distance trains. Labor unions like Base Cub, Usb and others rallied workers for eight hours of fermo national, soliciting attention on unresolved issues with the RFI management. Despite extensive involvement, they were established minimum services to mitigate inconvenience for commuters.

Those on strike are therefore:

  • Intercity trains short distance
  • National high-speed trains, both Trenitalia and Italo short distance
  • Regional transport
  • Subway 2 Line of Naples
  • TreNorth

The reasons for the strike

I reasons are behind this strike many e deep. At the center of the protest, the request of the unions for a contractual renewal that includes improvements wages and guarantees for the health , safety at the workplace. There clutch emerged following the signing of an industry agreement last January 10, considered by some unsatisfactory because it is perceived as detrimental to workers' rights. The critical they mainly concern the treatment of RFI maintenance workers, who see dismantled important contractual pillars.

Which trains are guaranteed

Despite that strike, Trenitalia and Italo have implemented strategy for minimize the inconveniences, guaranteeing some essential services. Trenitalia confirmed that long-distance trains, included Arrows e Intercity, will operate as per their normal schedule, while advising that they may be there changes in service immediately before and after the strike. For regional trains, a list of guaranteed trains, which can be consulted on the Trenitalia app and in the Infomobility section of the site.

Italo, on the other hand, has also published a list of guaranteed trains which will be operational during the strike, allowing travelers to plan their trips more carefully peacefulness.

The guaranteed trains will therefore be:

  • Long-distance trains: Services guaranteed without variations
  • Some regional trains: List available on the Trenitalia app and online

When is the ticket refund due?

In case of strike, managing delays or cancellations becomes a priority for travelers. Fortunately, Trenitalia's refund policies deliver clear solutions e flexible to address these inconveniences. If your train is canceled or delayed for more than an hour, you are entitled to a full refund of the ticket, without any penalty. This policy covers a range of circumstances, including:

  • Delays of more than one hour at the start of the journey.
  • Service cancellations, including trains, sleepers, and special services.
  • Lack of availability of the booked seat or significant variations in the service.
  • Announced strikes that force you to give up your trip.

For tickets partially used, if you experience significant disruptions or delays during your trip, you are still entitled to a reimbursement for the part not enjoyed, maintaining the maximum flexibility for your needs.

How to request a ticket refund

The process for requesting a refund is simple and accessible, and can be done through different channels:

  • Directly at the biglietterie Trenitalia.
  • using thespecific webform on the Trenitalia website, for ticketless tickets.
  • Calling the Call Center Trenitalia, for purchases made online or via app.
  • By sending a request via mail to the Trenitalia Complaints and Refunds Office.

Remember, refund can be requested up to a year from the date of impediment to travel, guaranteeing ample time to manage any inconveniences, unless otherwise indicated by the company.

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