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Friday 23 February 2024 one will be held national general strike of 24 hours, a loud and clear appeal against the violence in Gaza and the conflicts that bloodied the world. A movement that sees at the forefront YES Cobas and other trade unions, in a strike that could be one of the most significant of recent years, with transversal participation involving workers from different sectors.

The reasons for the strike

The strike of 23 February stems from the desire of stop the genocide in Gaza and to oppose the wars that continue to devastate various parts of the world. Trade unions, including YES Cobas, AL Cobas, and FAO Federation of Driver Workers, underline the urgent need for a cease-fire in Palestine and in all conflict zones. Their voices are raised against the increasingly tangible risk of global conflict, fueled by the escalation of tensions in several international hot spots.

A protest that also places emphasis on the economic consequences of armed conflicts, highlighting how the war industry profits from wars to the detriment of the civilian economy. In Italy, the situation is reflected in one economic crisis worsened, with workers seeing the purchasing power of their wages erode due to inflation, and with an increase in job insecurity. The unions are therefore asking for one firm opposition to rearmament and military expeditions, emphasizing the need for a lasting and just peace.

What services are at risk

During the general strike of 23 February, the impact on public services will be significant, with i transport which are expected to be the most affected sector.

Possible inconveniences will include:

  • National and regional trains, including the high speed, with the possibility of cancellations or delays due to some staff joining the strike. This could affect both long-distance routes and local connections, including the metro line 2 of Naples, managed by Trenitalia, where disruptions are expected.
  • subways, tram, and bus in major Italian cities they could see a reduction in service or complete interruptions.
  • Other local transport services may be affected, with further strike announcements likely to emerge in the coming hours.
  • Public health
  • Public education

Beyond transport, disruptions are also expected in other crucial areas. The sector of Health could be affected, with possible suspensions of activities in hospitals, surgeries, and medical centers. The world ofeducation could face closures or reductions in educational activities, affecting schools and universities.

The transport strike in Naples: who joins and when

A Napoli, the strike of 23 February could lead to significant inconveniences, particularly with regards to transport:

  • Metro Line 2: managed by state Railways, may see disruptions or delays due to the strike.
  • ANM: communicated his opinion non-adhesion to the strike. Therefore, the situation for Subway 1 Line, bus, tram e funiculars remains unchanged compared to ordinary service
  • EAV: has already announced that will not join the strike. As a result, services such as Circumvesuviana, Cumana, Circumflegrea e MetroCampania NordEst they should operate regularly, with no scheduled interruptions.

The transport strike in Rome: who joins and when

As for the city of Roma, the repercussions of the strike 23 February on transport services are yet to be fully defined. Here is the information available so far:

  • ATTACK, the company that manages most of the public transport in the capital, including bus, tram, metro e some urban railway lines, has not yet made its support for the strike official. The situation, therefore, remains pending and it will be essential to monitor the updates for the possible impacts on these essential services for city mobility.
  • Trenitalia and other rail companies operating regional and national services, including the high speed, may suffer cancellations or delays due to some workers joining the protest movement. This would affect not only commuters but also those who move between regions.
  • With regard to urban railway lines managed by other entities besides ATAC, such as Rome-Lido, Rome-Viterbo , Rome-Giardinetti, any specific adhesion to the strike could cause further inconvenience.

The transport strike in Milan: who joins and when

A Milano, joining the strike of 23 February could influence various aspects of city life, especially transport:

  • ATM, the company that manages public transport such as metro, bus e tram in Milan, has not yet confirmed its participation in the strike. The situation is therefore still uncertain and subject to changes that could be communicated in the days preceding the strike.
  • Trenord, responsible for regional rail services in Lombardy, including Milan's suburban connections, could see some of its workers join the strike. This would lead to potential delays or cancellations of trains connecting Milan with other cities and municipalities in the region.

Strike times and guaranteed slots

The national strike of 23 February will see an abstention from work which will cover theentire working day, from 00:00 23:59. This large time frame means the strike will have a significant impact on several services throughout the day.

Warranty bands

Despite the extended duration of the strike, some will still be guaranteed essential performance in various sectors, in accordance with the provisions of the law. This means that while programmable services like non-urgent medical visits o appointments in public offices may suffer reductions, essential activities will be maintained.

School, healthcare and public offices

Families with school-age children may face particular difficulties, as teachers and school staff may join the strike. This could lead to variations in entry and exit times, as far as possible cancellation of lessons for the whole day. We recommend that you check any communications on school website or on electronic register. Even the health appointments and practices in public offices non-urgent events may be postponed or cancelled.

Guarantee bands in public transport

As regards the public transport, guarantee periods are established by 06: 00 to 09: 00 and by 18: 00 to 21: 00, during which trains, buses, trams and subways should operate regularly. There may be delays at the beginning and end of these periods, therefore it is advisable to plan your journeys taking into account possible inconveniences.

I trains who begin their journey before the start of the strike they will complete the journey to the destination.

Trenitalia has made a list of the guaranteed trains during the strike, available at this address: Trenitalia – Guaranteed trains.

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