General strike on 9 March CGIL, times of demonstrations

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Il 9 March 2024 marks an important date for the trade union movement and Italian civil society. A broad coalition of trade unions, non-governmental organizations and civil society groups, led by the CGIL, proclaimed a national strike to demand a radical change in labor policies and defend the fundamental rights of demonstration, strike and freedom of association. In a context characterized by read controversies like the Jobs act, which have exacerbated precariousness and undermined the dignity of work, the mobilization is proposed as a decisive act of resistance and call to action.

In parallel with the strike, the capital will become the scene of vast demonstrations, starting from Piazza della Repubblica and arriving at the Fori Imperiali.

The demonstrations in Rome

In parallel to the national strike, the city of Rome is preparing to welcome thousands of demonstrators in a large march for peace and rights. The demonstration will see the participation of a large number of associations, including ACLI, ANPI, ARCI, Altromercato and many others.

The event will begin at 12pm in Piazza della Repubblica and it will end at Imperial Forums to the 17: 30.

An event that underlines solidarity and support for the national strike and which aims to create a common front against policies that undermine workers' rights and social peace. The march through the historic streets of Rome becomes like this a powerful symbol of unity and resistance, bringing crucial issues such as the dignity of work, freedom of expression and commitment to peace to the center of public attention.

The strike will see the participation of a vast spectrum of associations and groups, including:

  • Italian Peace and Disarmament Network
  • CGIL
  • ACLI
  • ANPI
  • Othermarket
  • Disarmament Archive
  • Pope John XXIII Community Association
  • ALI (Association of Italian Local Authorities)
  • Association for Peace
  • AssoPacePalestina
  • Modena House for Peace
  • Documentation Center of the International Pacifist Manifesto
  • Sereno Regis Study Center
  • CIPAX Interfaith Center for Peace
  • CNCA
  • Emmaus Italy ETS
  • Emergency
  • Ethical Finance Foundation
  • La Pira Foundation
  • Lelio and Lisli Basso Foundation
  • PerugiAssisi Foundation
  • GLAM
  • MIR
  • Nonviolent Movement
  • OPAL
  • Pax Christi
  • Peace Paths
  • The Portico of Peace
  • Legambiente
  • Free
  • Middle School Students Network
  • Let's get out of balance
  • Union of University Students

Landini's words to DiMartedì

At the center of the mobilization of 9 March we find the incisive words of Maurizio Landini, general secretary of the CGIL, who forcefully expressed the need for a radical change in labor policies in Italy. Landini underlined how laws like the Jobs Act have contributed to worsening the job insecurity, undermining the dignity and safety of workers.

During his interview with 'Di Tuesday' on La 7, Landini clarified that the objective of the CGIL is not only to contest these policies but also to actively promote changes through the collection of signatures for abrogation referendums on critical issues such as individual dismissals, precariousness and procurement.

Landini also reiterated the importance of collective mobilization to defend the right of demonstration and association, fundamental in a democracy. Participation in the demonstration on March 9, therefore, is configured not only as an act of protest but also as a celebration of solidarity and the civic right of expression.

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