Metro strike line 1, Funiculars and buses in Naples on 4 February 2022: timetables

Metro line 1 in Naples
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Friday February 4 2022 one is expected ANM transportation strike in Naples and will last 4 hours from 11.30 am to 15.30 pm.

Hence, travelers may experience disruption from bus delays and suspensions, meter line 1Montesanto, Chiaia and Centrale funiculars. Recall that the Mergellina Funicular, on the other hand, is still closed.

The strike was proclaimed by the USB trade union organization and, as usual, provides for the communication of first and last departures. Let's see them together. Meanwhile, remember that also EAV adheres to the strike.

Chiaia, Centrale and Montesanto funicular timetables

  • Last run before the strike at 11.10
  • First race after the strike at 15.50

Funicular of Mergellina

The Mergellina Funicular remains closed, as now for more than a year, but it remains activate the 621 bus shuttle. It follows the same warranty bands as the other buses.

Metro timetable 1 line

Last races before the strike:

  • from Piscinola: 10.54 am
  • from Garibaldi: 10.52 am

First races after the strike:

  • from Piscinola: 16.16 am
  • from Garibaldi: 16.56 am

Bus, tram and trolleybus timetables

Buses, trolley buses and trams do not operate during the 4 hours of the strike, from 11.30 to 15.30, but they will last runs up to 30 minutes earlier of the start of the strike approximately and the latter will resume approximately 30 minutes later the end of the strike.

The reasons for the strike

The strike was called because, in the words of the unions, there is no government willingness to program an economic plan of investment to solve the structural criticality of Italy's public services, including transport as well as health and education.

It asks you to not to invest further public money in contracts and sub-contracts to companies that do not offer adequate quality services and that offer underpaid work.

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