Train strike 4-5 May, warranty periods and stop times

Subway 2 Line of Naples

In the day of Saturday 4 starting at 21 pm Sunday May 5th until 20:59 p.m., one was called train strike national lines which could cause quite a few problems for those traveling on regional lines, high speed Subway 2 Line in Naples.

The trade union unrest will in fact lead to a sharp reduction in rail services, with the guarantee bands some trains could continue to circulate but it seems that since it is a public holiday, not all the union signatures have decided to guarantee them.

Since it is a public holiday, there are no guarantee bands, trade union unrest may lead to changes to the service even before the start and after its conclusion


Strike that joins the other two strikes called, that is strike on Monday 6 May by ANM ed EAV and the ANM one on Wednesday 8 May (then revoked) in a real week of fire for Neapolitan commuters.

The lines affected: regional, high speed and Subway 2 Line of Naples

The strike will affect different categories of trains, including lines regional, the routes ad high speed , Subway 2 Line in Naples.

  • The trains regional will be the hardest hit, with many cancellations expected during strike times.
  • Also the service of high speed could experience significant disruptions, affecting travel between major cities.
  • La Subway 2 Line of Naples will be subject to limitations and interruptions as it is managed by Ferrovie dello Stato

Guarantee bands and strike times

Le guarantee bands for rail transport they are a fundamental element to reduce inconvenience in the event of a strike. But the strike on May 4th and 5th is particular, in fact, as there are strikes during the weekend, some companies like Trenord they stated that they will not respect the protected zones, being a public holiday.

The strike will take place from 21pm on Saturday 4 until midnight Sunday May 5th.

Here's what to expect:

  • Regional trains: regional services and in particular those of Trenord may not follow the guaranteed time slots, creating the possibility of cancellations for all journeys.
  • High-speed trains: the races of Frecciarossa e Italo may be subject to cancellations or delays, but some trains may still run in certain time slots based on the compliance of the on-board staff
  • Subway 2 Line of Naples: they are also expected here interruptions during the strike, so you will need to check timetables as many metro trains are actually regional trains

The reasons for the strike

The strike of 4 and 5 May was proclaimed by the main trade unions for various reasons, all related to working conditions and employee rights in the railway sector. The requests focus on:

  • Safety at work: improve safety and protection conditions for staff.
  • Organization of work: better balance workloads and guarantee hours that respect workers' rights.
  • Employment stability: address issues relating to fixed-term contracts, precarious employment and job stability.
  • Salary: improve economic conditions, especially in relation to the increase in the cost of living.
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