Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Damaged scooters: the yellow of via Tasso


A strange negative phenomenon is affecting via Tasso. Park the moped near his home and then find him the next day is what should usually happen. In the middle of the night anything could happen, but we're not just talking about theft, but about people just having fun damage the scooters parked in a precise way of NAPLES.

For several weeks the mopeds parked a via Tasso they are found in bad conditions. During the nighttime, someone severely destroys the bodywork of the motorized vehicles. THE two wheels they are not the only targets of the vandals, in fact, cars that have always been parked in that area have recently been destroyed. The alarm is launched Green Ecologists which state:

In via Tasso for weeks the wheels of the cars have been torn open and the windows broken. Now it's the turn of the mopeds. The police need to intervene by patrolling the area and arresting the perpetrators of the vandalism.

scooters destroyed via Tasso

These are not small scratches, but bumpers detached and broken by people who seem to have no purpose, other than to tear down the vehicles parked. It is hoped that the police can intervene immediately to block the authors of these acts.

Neapolitan users, pay attention to where you park!

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