Scudetto Napoli: fans' tattoos, what to do and advice

Wednesday, 15/03/2023
Vincenzo Napolitano
naples shield tattoo

The Scudetto dream of Napoli stands becoming more concrete at every league match. The Azzurri are maintaining an excellent points average and, despite a few missteps, have always managed to get back on track.

The Neapolitan fans are in fibrillation: lo Scudetto has been missing from Naples for 33 years, a truly exhausting wait.

Despite missing the math, some fans have already decided to celebrate this season fabulous getting something to do with it tattooed on the skin. Here are some of the first Naples and Scudetto themed tattoos.

Napoli logo tattoo

A great classic in the world of tattoos is the calf tattoo.

In our case, the fan got the Napoli crest tattooed in a style that makes it look like it emerge from the calf muscle. With this tattoo, the fan seems to be saying that he has Napoli sewn onto his skin.

Another advantage of this tattoo is that it is not linked solely to the Scudetto, but to the team in general. Therefore, it is a great way to celebrate the Neapolitan team not celebrating (out of superstition) the Scudetto too early.

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Another fan chose a simpler, but equally pleasant solution: just get a tattoo Napoli emblem on the wrist. It is a less elaborate solution than the previous one, but which still shows loyalty to the Neapolitan team and which can be easily displayed throughout the year.

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Number 3 tattoo for Napoli's third Scudetto

Napoli season looks like beat even superstition. In fact, many fans have already decided to get a tattoo of Napoli's potential third Scudetto. This has already been going on for a few months, when some tattoo artists started posting photos of these Scudetto-themed tattoos on social media.

In particular, the tattoos of the tattoo artist Salvatore Russo are very common, which consist of a simple tricolor with the number three.

Tattoo by Nello Taver

Even the famous and irreverent influencer Nello Taver he decided to say no to superstition and he has already tattooed the potential third championship of Napoli.

Nello Taver ironically declared:

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"I wanted to get the Juve one, but I don't have enough space on my arm to tattoo the whole prison."

In the Taver
Image source: Facebook profile Salvatatoo_inc
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