Mare Fuori: Maria Esposito's boyfriend jealous? What happen

Saturday, 18/03/2023
Frances Orelli
Maria Esposito

Maria Esposito, one of the actresses of the fiction "Mare Fuori", in the last few hours, from her Instagram profile, has lashed out at the fans, saying that they are sad. Here's what happened and why she reacted the way she did.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, after the broadcast of the penultimate episode of "Mare Fuori", Maria Esposito, who in the series plays Curly Rose, wrote a long message of vent against the fans, clearly stating that she is very saddened by certain attitudes:

"I read stupid comments and messages, it makes me sad."

The actress, in particular, she lashed out at some fans who, in recent days, had criticized her because they are not on her Instagram profile Massimiliano Caiazzo's photo (who in the fiction plays the role of Carmine) and coming to believe that the reason is the jealousy of Antonio OreficeEsposito's boyfriend.

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Mare Fuori, the actress Maria Esposito "Do not mix private life with professional life."

caught off guard, Maria Esposito has decided to reply to these words, also asking the fans in question not to "mix private life with professional life":

"For the first time in my life I am feeling extraordinary emotions, also thanks to you. But in all this good there is always a little bit bad. I read quite "stupid" messages and comments, there are people who make mental films and paranormal dynamics. My private life has nothing to do with my being a professional actress. All this saddens me, especially in this moment where I feel happy and free in the truest sense of the word. I turn to the small slice of comments and stupid messages: stay calm and serene because our friendships and our ties, even if maybe you don't see them, are so solid and true, without interests, and above all without jealousy."

No comment instead from Massimiliano Caiazzo and Antonio Orefice, which like Maria Esposito, they are too actors in the fiction "Mare Fuori". Evidently, given the level of certain comments, they did not consider it essential to give them an answer as Esposito did.

However, it is incredible to note that, even in 2023, there are still fans who confuse, and even too blatantly, reality with fiction.

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Image source: Instagram profile Maria Esposito (@mariaespositoreal)
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