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Sense8 Night in Naples, the exclusive evening to celebrate the release of the film

sense8 night in napoli posillipo

An exceptional event organized by Netflix only in Naples at Bagno Elena

It almost seems like a dream for the many fans of the famous series Sense8, but in the end the day of the release of the film has come to end the beloved series.

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A troubled story that of the Netflix production, with a real virtual revolt verified after thesudden cancellation of the serial by Netflix, unable to support its huge production costs.

A virtual riot that led production to retrace their steps, investing capital in the production of a film that ended the story of our eight friends, finally reunited after two very intense seasons.

Many scenes of the film they were shot right in Naples, as you will certainly remember, is exactly to thank our city the production decided to organize an exclusive event to celebrate the screening of the premiere of the film.

Un free event with free admission subject to availability (or cluster?: P).

What can we say, we only need to prepare ourselves to live the adventures of our friends by dressing thematically, singing and dancing on the rhythms of "What's up" and ... well maybe it's better to stop here. It is always a public event!

For the occasion, the Neapolitan pizza artist, Gino Sorbillo, will exhibit a special Sense8 pizza dedicated to 8 characters with 8 different ingredients.

An event not to be missed!

Information on Sense8 Night in Naples:

Swallow: Bagno Elena, Via posillipo 14

When: 8 June 2018, from 18: 00 to 22: 00

Cost: free entry, subject to availability

More information: Official facebook event

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