Injured, banned and disqualified from all Serie A teams

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Player availability is a key factor that can influence the progress and results of matches in Serie A. Below we present the details of the absentees for the teams for the next round of the championship, including those within a booking, suspended and injured and, if so, for what type of injury.

They are fundamental parameters both for understanding the outcome of the matches, given the availability of the players can significantly influence the outcome of matches, and because it can change the balance of your teams fantasy football.


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Nobody-Palomino (First degree injury to the semitendinosus of the thigh – Return at the end of November), Touré (Rupture of the rectus femoris tendon – Return in 2024)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyBeukema (Flexor problem – To be evaluated), De Silvestri (Flexor strain – To be evaluated), El Azzouzi (Second degree lesion of the gracilis muscle – Return at the end of November), Lucumi (Quadriceps strain – Return at the beginning of November), Soumaoro ( Rupture of the patellar tendon – Return in 2024)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyCapradossi (Knee injury – To be evaluated), Di Pardo (Muscle injury – To be evaluated), Nandez (Flexor injury – Return at the end of November), Rog (Cruciate surgery – Return in 2024)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Maleh (1 day – Skip Frosinone)NobodyBaldanzi (Ankle problem – To be evaluated), Right-handed (Muscle problem – To be evaluated), Pezzella (Operated for ankle fracture – Return in December)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyCastrovilli (Cruciate ligament surgery – Return in 2024), Dodò (Cruciate injury – Return April 2024), Kayode (Ankle sprain – Return mid-November), Parisi (Ankle bruise – To be evaluated)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyBlame itHarroui (Operated for a microfracture in one foot – Returned at the end of November), Gelli (Muscle problem with the flexor – Returned mid-November), Kalaj (Physical problem – To be evaluated)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Bani (1 day – Skip Cagliari)The winterBani (Ankle problem – To be evaluated), Messias (Quadriceps injury – Return mid-November), Jagiello (Physical problem – Return mid-November), Retegui (Knee sprain – Return end November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyArnautovic (Hamstring strain – Return mid-November), Cuadrado (Achilles tendon inflammation – To be evaluated)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Fagioli (Disqualified for the betting case – Return July 2024), Pogba (Suspended by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal)refillAlex Sandro (Hamstring injury – Return mid-November), Danilo (Hamstring injury of the left thigh – Return mid-November), De Sciglio (Cruciate injury – Return in 2024), Weah (Muscle injury – Return end of November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyCasale (Low/medium grade injury to the adductor – Return mid-November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyRafiaBlin (Muscle injury – Return mid-November), Dermaku (Physical problem – To be evaluated), Kaba (Physical problem – To be evaluated)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyBennacer (Knee injury – Return mid-December), Caldara (Ankle operation – Return mid-December), Chukwueze (Hamstring injury – Return mid-November), Kalulu (Hamstring injury – Return 2024), Kjaer (Muscle strain – From evaluate), Loftus-Cheek (Abdominal inflammation – Return early November), Pellegrino (Fracture of the heel bone of the foot – Return in 2024), Pulisic (Contracture – To be evaluated), Sportiello (Calf injury – Return mid-December)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Gomez (2 years for anti-doping positivity)Pablo mariCaprari (Cruciate injury – Return April 2024), Izzo (Foot surgery – Return end of January)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Natan (1 day – Salta Salernitana)Nobodyosimhen (Hamstring injury – Return at the end of November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Paredes (1 day – Salta Lecce)NobodyAbraham (Cruciate injury – Return in 2024), Azmoun (Calf problem – To be evaluated), Kumbulla (Cruciate injury – Return in 2024), Pellegrini (Flexor injury – Return mid-November), Spinazzola (Muscle problem – Return mid-November) November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
Gyomber (1 day – Skip Naples)NobodyNobody


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyAlvarez (Cruciate rupture – Return end of November), Cragno (Shoulder problem – To be evaluated), Matheus Henrique (Hamstring injury – Return mid-November), Obiang (Hamstring tendon surgery – Return in 2024)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyNobodyDjidji (Operated for an inguinal hernia – Return mid-November), Schuurs (ACL injury – Season over), Soppy (Hamstring injury – Return end November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
NobodyKabaseleBrenner (Rupture of the rectus femoris tendon – Return in 2024), Deulofeu (Knee surgery – Return in 2024), Ebosse (Rupture of the cruciate – Return in 2024), Ehizibue (Cruciate injury – Return at the end of November), Kristensen (Resentment muscle – To be evaluated), Semedo (Knee sprain – Return mid-November)


DisqualifiedBe waryInjured
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