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Unique Campania: new tariff increase

They keep turning corridor rumors up new cheaper tickets for single trips, voices that now leave the time they find as they are promptly replaced by more black news.

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Theincrease of the rates Only Campania is apparently a certainty that arrogantly stands in the way of the much feared wind of saving on single tickets, an increase that will involve all users of Eav, Circumvesuviana, Sepsa, Metrocampania ed Anm.

Average travel expenses will increase dell ' 1,5%, but specifically the most used tickets, those a Single race, they will increase well 10 cents bringing the price to 1.30€ while the subscriptions increase about 1.5€.

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La communication of the renewal of the tariff came only yesterday afternoon at biglietterie of the stations, but there is no trace of the same on the place official consortium.

Nor do they better clarify the situation i vertices regional:

"With regard to some requests regarding the next increase in Unicocampania and Unicocostiera tickets, I clarify that communications to this effect have arrived from the director of the Unicocampania Sannino Consortium, but that there is no possibility that the Region, a scheduling body for tariffs, endorses such requests "

Thus intervenes the regional councilor for mobility Vetrella, reviewing the much feared innovation of the "cheaper tickets for one way“, Something that seemed to have been abandoned as not very useful and, above all, as innovative as the system transport of the 70s.

Service transport poor as never before in these last years, yet we dare even talk about increases not endorsed as if they were already certain.

We will update you on any news.

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