Sophie Codegoni of Men and Women criticized by fans, that's why

Wednesday, 24/05/2023
Frances Orelli
sophie codegoni

The former tronista of Men and Women, who became a mother a few days ago of little Celine Blue, was harshly criticized by followers, and not only by them, for behavior on her Instagram profile. Here's why and what was her reaction.

Rain of criticism for Sophie Codegoni, ex tronista of Men and Women: according to what was written by Gossip & TV, the companion of Alexander Basciano, who became a mother for just over a week of the little one Celine Blue, she recently found herself confronted with heavy attacks, which arrived on her Instagram profile, both from her fans and from the haters.

What happened? Many people, and precisely in the days in which there is a lot of discussion about the fact that more and more children (and this despite the fact that the use of social networks is declaredly forbidden to minors under 13 and also specified by the same companies that make them available, such as Meta ) are having access to social media, they criticized not only that Sophie Codegoni, as Aurora Ramazzotti, show the baby girl on her Instagram profile without her consent and despite being more than a minor, but also that in doing so she "uses" her to promote the dresses from her collection or those of other companies.

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Men and women, fans and haters against Sophie Codegoni "can't you see that your little girl is cold?"

Users, in particular, did not like the fact that Sophie Codegoni you use your daughter as a "model" and, in fact, even the fans have harshly criticized the excessive media exposure to which the newborn is subjected. Others, on the other hand, lashed out against her for a "more earthly" reason, but fully shared by other mothers.

The last photo, which kicked off the storm, sparked another kind of comment, such as this one:

"All very nice but like last time you don't see how his legs and arms feel cold."

In short, the dresses chosen by Sophie Codegoni, however beautiful, would not cover the little one enough Celine Blue, which would therefore feel cold. What do you think about it? Do you believe that the followers are right or, in your opinion, have they been exaggerated in giving her "the lecture"?

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Image source: Instagram profile Sophie Codegoni (@sophie.codegoni)
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