Sorrento Street Food Village 2019: tasting of street food

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A new appointment with Sorrento Street Food Village is back: three days scheduled for tasting excellent food and lots of fun!

Da Friday 22 on Sunday 24 November 2019 from 18: 00 renews the fantastic and now traditional appointment with the Sorrento Street Food Village.

The event, promoted by the Department of Territorial Marketing of the Municipality of Sorrento and carried out by BeeStreet with the support of numerous sponsors, will take place as usual in the Piazza Angelina Lauro, which for three days will be colored by a swarm of Apette Piaggio from all over Italy.

Guests will be able to find and taste many exquisite street foods like the classic one wallet pizza, the kebabs, fried cuoppi and panuozzi, meatballs, sfogliatelle and Sicilian cannoli. 

There will certainly be entertainment and fun for both adults and children, in addition to the beautiful and sparkling Christmas lights that will be lit just Friday evening to coincide with the opening of the Sorrento Street Food Village in Piazza Lauro.

Information about Sorrento Streed Food Village 2019

When: 22, 23 and 24 November 2019

Where: Piazza Angelina Lauro, Sorrento

Timetable: from 18: 00

Price: free admission

Contacts: facebook event 

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Written by Serena De Luca
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