Splendid setting, previews and guests for tonight 15th February

splendid setting with geppi cucciari

Tonight February 15th at 21pm is on air"Gorgeous Frame” which will light up with guests who will make the evening shine. Geppi Cucciari guides us on a unique journey between movies, music e fascinating stories, with well-known faces such as Violante Placido, Alba Rohrwacher and many others. A mix of laughter, music e Entertainment that promises sparks.

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Who are the guests tonight February 15th at Splendida Cornice

Among special guests, we will have the pleasure of seeing Violante Placido e Alba Rohrwacher, two very talented actresses who will share their experiences and passions with us. They won't be missed Giuseppe Cederna e Brenda Lodigiani, ready to give us smiles and reflections. And for lovers of TV series, a special meeting with Carlo Imperato of “Saranno Famosi” e Candace bushnell, the mind behind “Sex and the City.” Music will have a leading role with performances by artists such as Peppe Barra e Chiara Galiazzo, who promise to enrich the evening with their notes.

Here is the guest list:

  • Violante Placido
  • Alba Rohrwacher
  • Giuseppe Cederna
  • Brenda Lodigiani
  • Carlo Imperato
  • Candace bushnell
  • Peppe Barra
  • Chiara Galiazzo
  • Carlo Centemeri
  • The French Saints
  • BabelNova Orchestra
  • Elioenai Schirinzi, as Intimacy Coordinator
  • The lighthouse keeper of Genoa, connecting

What time and when does Splendida Cornice air on Rai3

“Splendida Cornice” airs on Thursday night on Raitre, at 21:25, offering a fixed appointment for lovers of culture and entertainment. Who prefers the flexibility you can follow the program in streaming on RaiPlay, available both on the web and via apps for mobile devices and smart TVs, thus ensuring everyone never misses an episode.

How to participate as an audience in Splendida Cornice

Being in the audience of “Splendida Cornice” means experiencing the show up close. With 120 places available, the program offers the opportunity to interact directly with Geppi Cucciari and guests. To try to be part of the exciting studio atmosphere, just send an email to splendidcornice@rai.it and hope to be among the lucky ones selected.

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