Stefano De Martino: biography, news and the relationship with Belen

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Stephen DeMartino was born as an artist a few years ago in the school of Friends, of Maria DeFilippi. An excellent dancer capacity artists who have been able to win not only the hearts of professors, but of all Italians.

In recent years we have found it at the center of gossip for her love affair with Belen Rodriguez and for all their push and pull. But not only. Stefano De Martino was a character who made a lot of talk about himself for his career. Since the end of the talent has collected a success behind the other. But let's get to know him better.

When he was born and his first steps in dance

Stefano It is born in 1989, more precisely on October 3 in Torre Annunziata, in the province of Naples. His passion for dance leads him to take his first steps to the sound of music at the age of 10.

And he did dance, he had it in his blood and he proved it on many occasions. We can say, however, that he is a real one family tradition since his father, Enrico De Martino, was a dancer that few will forget. Ever since Stefano was little he has always been used to following his father in a world that has him fascinated more and more.

Also the mum Maria Rosaria Scassillo, despite not being part of this world, always has it encouraged towards this sphere as fascinating as it is complex. Stefano also has one sister named Adelaide and a brother called David.

The origins of his brilliant career

He starts dancing at just ten years old, when he was just one child, but he already had very clear ideas about what he wanted to do when he grew up. After a few years in which he receives his first satisfactions, in 2007, he wins one scholarship to study at a New York academy, Il Broadway Dance Center.

Two years later he will have the honor of dancing next to one of the best known choreographers, let's talk about Macia del prete together with Beyond Dance Company. THE satisfactions there are many and Stefano does not want to be satisfied so, in the same year, he participates in the casting di Friends di Maria DeFilippi.

Despite failing to get the victory, however, reaches the first place among the dancers and signs a contract Complexions Contemporary Ballet. In 2010 he was offered the role of dancer professional within the talent show and without thinking twice accepts.

Stefano De Martino arrives at Amici di Maria DeFilippi

In 2009 he is increasingly determined to continue with his career as a dancer and participates in the provincial of the talent show of Maria DeFilippi, Friends.

In this edition he will not be the winner, but he will be proclaimed first between the dancers and signs a contract with the Complexions Contemporary Ballet in which he will be one of the main performers on a tour that has touched Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

The following year Maurizio Costanzo's wife will want him back in her program, but this time as professional dancer e choreographer. Luciano Cannito, a former school teacher, cannot help but notice him and in 2011 he proposed him the clothes of Aeneas in ballet Cassandra in which he will dance next to Rossella Brescia.

Career as a presenter

In 2015 he will be one of the capitani in the transmission Little Giants and the following season we will see him grappling with Selfie - Things change.

In 2018 he will fly to Honduras as sent of that edition of The Island of the Famous, while from 2019 he will be fixed in Rai and will become the main face of the network as conduttore.
It will be from there at the helm of Everything is possible tonight, Made in Sud. And Bar Stella

The relationship with Emma Brown and Belén Rodriguez

Inside the school of Friends knows the singer Emma Brown with which a love story will begin that will thrill millions of Italians.
In the spring of 2012, however, during a dress rehearsal of a choreography, he meets the beautiful girl Belen Rodriguez and between one dance step and another, passion breaks out.

At that time he was still engaged to Marrone, while she was the undisputed companion of the king of paparazzi Fabricius Corona.

The suspicion of betrayals and the beginning of love

Although the two have always claimed to never have betrayed their respective partners, few believe it. The story was born and continued for some time under controversy and Fabrizio and Emma end up in the spotlight against their will.

The birth of Santiago and the first marriage

After a few months, the Argentine showgilrl announces that it is pregnant and in 2013, in April, their first was born son Santiago. On September 20 of the same year, yes marry.

The couple lives two years of love in a family atmosphere that seems to be idyllic, but then in 2015, like a lightning bolt, the news of their separation.

The separation and the new marriage

What will push them to break up permanently, Rodriguez will reveal at a later time, is a love in which they are burned the stages. After several back and forth in which there were other men for her and another daughter, the couple decided to give an ultra possibility at the wedding.

So we come to January of this year when Stefano De Martino tries in every way to win back the wife and it seems that he has succeeded, since since June they have succeeded in the open as a couple.

They currently live together and with the two children: Santiago and Luna Marì that the model had with another man.

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