Traffic stop and stop for Geolier and Nino D'Angelo concerts


To ensure the safe and orderly conduct of the concerts of Geolier e Nino D'Angelo at the Maradona Stadium, Municipality 10 has arranged a temporary circulation device. The block will be active on the days of 21, 22, 23 and 29 Jun 2024, from 7:00 until the need ceases.

Here are the changes to the road system.

Transit and parking bans

Restrictions include the ban in some streets and the parking prohibition with forced removal along various road sections, with the revocation of reserved parking and unsupervised paid parking areas (blue lines).

  • No passing:
    • Largo Barsanti and Matteucci, starting from the Viale Marconi roundabout.
  • No parking with forced removal:
    • Via GB Marino, between piazzale Tecchio and via Leopardi.
    • Via Galeota, from the intersection with via Marino to via Tansillo.
    • Via Jacopo de Gennaro, from the intersection with Via Marino to Piazzale D'Annunzio.
    • Via Tansillo, from the intersection with via Galeota to via Jacopo de Gennaro.
    • Viale Marconi.
    • Piazzale D'Annunzio.
    • Largo Barsanti and Matteucci.

The objective of these temporary measures is to ensure the safety and fluidity of traffic during the concerts Geolier e Nino D'Angelo.

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